Six dozen features of the hottest UVLED printer

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UV LED printer six dozen features

1, variable ink drops, the highest resolution can reach D, adjust the amplitude and frequency of the spring PI. The white shading printing function can reach 50mm

2. U the output value of China's new material industry has basically exceeded 2trillion yuan. VLED technology can enable ujf-3042 to be printed on thermal media such as acrylic plastic. In addition, ujf-3042 can also print excellent results on non coated media such as glass, wood, metal, etc., with long storage time and scratch resistance

3. The water mist elimination system can increase the stability of the equipment

4. UVLED lamp has lower energy consumption, longer service life and more environmental protection

5. In high-speed mode, it takes 4 minutes to print an A3 image with full-color and white ink

6. Compact printer, which can be used in the office

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