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Six features of Longgang printing exhibition highlight the charm of East China brand printing exhibition

yesterday, the three-day Longgang printing exhibition came to a successful conclusion. The holding of the 12th Longgang exhibition fully shows that the era of more, smaller and scattered printing exhibitions in Zhejiang over the years has finally come to an end, and the exhibition has also become the largest, most popular, most complete and rich content printing exhibition in Jiangsu and Zhejiang, integrating printing industry culture, information Technology in one, is a very distinctive well-known India Expo

this exhibition attracted nearly 320 well-known enterprises such as Kodak China, Nippon screen, Shanghai Electric Printing and packaging machinery group, Han's Guanhua, Huaguang Seiko, Zhongjing group, Changsheng Group, Taiwan cultural rights, Taiwan Dingshun, Taiwan Wangchang, Zhongde group, Deyang Litong, Shanghai Dragen, Hangzhou Kelei and so on. All enterprises have exhibited the latest equipment, technology, services or products in combination with the needs of Jiangsu and Zhejiang printing market. The six features carefully planned by the organizers of this Expo fully demonstrate the unique advantages and functions of Longgang exhibition, as the frontier research of top printing packages in East China, which has faced a major breakthrough - the problem that design and manufacturing are the switching point between stress speed and strain speed

display of international high-end brand sheet fed technology and solutions: gather the most advanced sheet fed printing technology, equipment and integrated solutions at home and abroad, and gather well-known enterprises at home and abroad to offer products with accurate positioning. Shanghai Electric Printing and packaging machinery group, Han's Guanhua, Huaguang Seiko, Zhongjing group and Changsheng Group all showed their advanced equipment and technology on site, demonstrating a full set of solutions for offset printing technology, mature technology and distinctive equipment types, which fully reflected the good trend of the steady development of the printing industry in East China

the increasing influence of Longgang printing exhibition has brought many domestic and international first-class printing machine manufacturers into the height of the company's new products and market strategic expansion. Among the exhibitors of Longgang printing exhibition in 2010, Shanghai Electric Printing and packaging group, which has wholly owned two international top printing machine technology platforms, market platforms and R & D platforms, Gauss in the United States and Akiyama in Japan, and has steadily entered the first group in the global printing machinery manufacturing industry, launched pz5740 stereoscopic printing machine for the improvement of Jiangsu and Zhejiang printing market, and made its debut in Longgang printing exhibition in 2010. As soon as the device and its 3D printing sample were unveiled, it caused a sensation on the scene, attracting a large number of buyers, media interviews, and heads of printing associations in Taiwan and the mainland to visit

the Yangtze River Delta printing market is an important market for Shanghai Electric Printing and packaging machinery group (hereinafter referred to as Shanghai Electric Printing and packaging group), which is headquartered in Shanghai. Shanghai Electric Printing & Packaging Group attaches great importance to Longgang printing exhibition. Specifically aiming at the actual situation of Jiangsu and Zhejiang markets, it developed and improved the pz5740 three-dimensional printing machine and made its debut in Longgang printing Exhibition for the first time

Hu Qin, deputy general manager of the sales center of Shanghai Electric Printing and packaging group, introduced that the four-color printing machine can no longer meet the needs of business users, and the pz5740 five-color machine can just meet the broader needs of users. At the same time, the 3D and UV effects of pz5740 are also suitable for Wenzhou special printing industry with outstanding development. At the exhibition, we received users from Jiangsu and Zhejiang, and many from other places, such as Jiangxi, Fujian, Heilongjiang, and even foreign merchants. The appearance of this device attracted a large number of merchants to negotiate and consult, and many interested customers. We also received good exhibition results

exhibition of high-end post press equipment and technology: this Expo gathered high-end post press processing and decoration, post press binding and packaging auxiliary equipment and other fully automatic mechanical products in Taiwan and the mainland, mainly including inkjet printer, folding, binding, die cutting, film covering, bronzing, box pasting, bag making and other post press processing and decoration technologies and products that are promising in Jiangsu and Zhejiang markets. There are many processes, complete products and advanced technologies, It can be described as an elite event of packaging and processing equipment

Taiwan Wenquan Machinery Industry Co., Ltd. showed its high-tech product kye-102dr-l high-speed water-based laminating machine at this exhibition. This fully automatic laminating machine has high environmental protection, high efficiency, high output and other excellent qualities. Lin Zhiquan, deputy general manager of the R & D Department of Wenquan Machinery Industry Co., Ltd.: since this equipment entered the Wenzhou market, it has achieved sales results that greatly exceeded our expectations in just one year or so. As we all know, Wenzhou printing enterprises are mainly small and medium-sized private enterprises, especially the post press links are almost manual. The labor shortage that broke out in recent years has made Wenzhou printing enterprises suffer a lot, which not only makes them realize that post press links also need technical improvement to alleviate personnel pressure, but also post press quality is one of the key factors affecting print quality. The change of market environment forces Wenzhou printing enterprises to carry out technological innovation, which will be a relatively long stage, which also means that Wenzhou printing industry will still be a huge market

China's first International Special Paper Exhibition: it is the first to open the paper special area in Jiangsu and Zhejiang Province. It focuses on the display of new technologies, new products, complete varieties and exquisite products in the field of domestic and foreign characteristic paper, comprehensively solves various technical difficulties required by special processes, and actively improves the added value of printing products. It is a professional information exchange platform that highlights the era of personalized printing. The exhibition and Trade Fair has attracted many domestic and foreign manufacturers to set up exhibitions. Special paper products displayed by special paper production powers such as Japan and the United States are even more diverse, such as KPP and Huidong group, which are all dressed up to display the latest products. In recent years, as an auxiliary material for printing, special paper has been used more and more widely, and its performance and added value are also higher and higher. Relying on the unique positioning of Wenzhou printing and packaging base, the first China International Special Paper Exhibition and Trade Fair in 2010 provides a comprehensive display, exchange and trading platform for paper dealers, manufacturers and businesses in related similar industries in East China and even all over the country

digital printing and prepress CTP display: with the rapid growth of CTP demand in Jiangsu and Zhejiang markets, international brand CTP systems and plates are gradually converging here, This exhibition has attracted many domestic and foreign experts "For example, the manufacturers of digital printing and prepress CTP equipment, which replaced the name of rubber, came to the exhibition site to show their equipment or publicize their latest technology, jointly interpret the CTP high-tech and digital printing fashion, and work hard to promote the digital development of Jiangsu and Zhejiang regions. In recent years, CTP technology has attracted wide attention, and the market demand has been promising all the way. Kodak, screen, Kelei, Han's Guanhua race started this CTP highlight tour first. Due to the continuous cost of equipment and plates With the continuous reduction of labor costs and the deepening popularity of digital workflow, the high quality and efficiency of CTP technology in the actual operation of the printing process have become increasingly known. Han's Guanhua exhibited hd560 thermal CTP at the exhibition site. With the actual operation demonstration, people have a more comprehensive and direct understanding of the products

Han's crown uses an over frequency hd560 thermal CTP with strong performance. Its outer drum design can expose the printing plate at a close distance when the drum rotates at high speed, and it can also replace a single channel laser alone to increase its reliability. The advanced fully automatic vacuum clamping system coupled with intelligent automatic balancing system not only increases the stability of its output operation, but also saves a lot of labor for enterprises. The open software interface can be used with a variety of digital processes. Hd560 thermal CTP adopts imported Fuji servo motor, which is suitable for high-speed rotation of the drum to increase stability and prolong service life. Wenzhou brand exhibition of China Packaging Machinery City: Wenzhou has always been a prolific brand printer. This Expo is a good opportunity for these local excellent enterprises to compete and compete in the same field. These enterprises launched a series of representative products such as film covering, paper cutting, bag making, label printing, letterpress printing, etc. to show their counterparts at home and abroad the elegant demeanor of Wenzhou printing equipment, which is undoubtedly the most eye-catching star cluster of this exhibition

Zhongde group, the leader of Wenzhou printing press, made another large-scale appearance in this exhibition, displaying the latest products of Zhengrun, Huawei, Huayue, Jinbao and other core enterprises of the group. Other Wenzhou local brand printing machines such as Wutai Group, Sanxin, Dragen, Zhongke, Xinguang, Weigang, Guowang, Tianyu, Ruiyang and so on appeared one after another. Longgang printing exhibition has become the best platform for Wenzhou printing press to compete together and implement the brand strategy

China Printing City boutique exhibition area: Wenzhou Longgang, a model of China Printing City famous at home and abroad for printing, also added a highlight to the exhibition, which is the display of products in several major professional fields, mainly gift series, foreign trade notebooks, three-dimensional printing, handbag boutiques, high-end cosmetic boxes, label printing, wall calendars, festive supplies, UV printing, silk special printing, etc, The most beautiful visual feast was presented to the exhibitors

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