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The six influencing factors of vehicle handling performance

what we usually call vehicle handling is actually a comprehensive performance, mainly referring to the stability, flexibility, accuracy and controllability of the vehicle during driving. The car's handling is mainly determined by six factors:

first, chassis

many people don't think much of the chassis, thinking that the car chassis must be relatively strong, and the domestic diaphragm industry may enter a state of total loss. In fact, whether the car chassis is solid is reflected in the maintenance and repair of the car in curves, high speeds and pits: the adaptability of the car to the road conditions when the road is concave. A solid chassis can help the car conquer the bad road surface, so as to help the car achieve good driving. The performance of the lighter and softer chassis is quite different. It will appear floating at high speed. It will make the driver feel that he has lost his center of gravity in the corner. It will make the car feel unable to handle on the concave road. Therefore, whether a car has excellent handling, the chassis factor is really important

second, steering

on the basis of a solid chassis, it is also crucial to have a steering system with accurate steering, moderate strength and good feedback. However, if the steering system is understeer, oversteer or has poor alignment, or the direction is too light or too heavy, the stability, flexibility, accuracy and controllability of the vehicle will be greatly reduced. Serious hazards may also occur on complex roads

III. engine

in fact, it is not necessary to have a large displacement and strong power to have excellent control. The quality of the engine has little to do with the displacement, but with the performance of the engine. Whether the power output of the engine is stable and smooth, large torque and power dimension, and pay attention to whether the oil temperature should not exceed 70 degrees, whether it is constant, and whether it saves fuel, which is the standard to evaluate the quality of an engine

IV. transmission

of course, it's not enough just to have an excellent power system, but also to have an excellent power distribution system, that is, the transmission. Generally speaking, the finer the gear division, the more reasonable the power distribution, the better the power performance of the car, and the more fuel-efficient it is. In this regard, Volkswagen's DSG transmission is not only comparable to fi racing cars, but also has developed to seven forward gears, which is the most advanced transmission at present. In addition, Porsche's tiptronic6 manual transmission is also very advanced. In terms of manual transmission, BMW's 6-speed manual transmission is definitely more advanced because it has one more subdivision gear than ordinary transmission. In addition, the quality of the transmission is also reflected in whether the gear range is clear and whether the gear shift is smooth. The reason is very simple. A transmission with fuzzy gears and difficult shifting will not bring smooth power distribution to the car or pleasant driving pleasure to the driver

v. dead weight

the dead weight of a vehicle is not only related to fuel consumption, but also closely related to the handling performance of the vehicle. Overweight cars tend to feel like "little horses pulling big cars", and the fuel consumption is unbearable. A car that is too light will make you feel like "taking off" at high speed and "rootless" when turning. Therefore, proper self-weight and power combination are very important

VI. active safety technology

esp (Europe), ABS, EBD, DSC (Toyota), VSA (Honda), CBC, MSR, Masr these active safety technologies are not only related to safety, but also closely related to the driving performance of the vehicle. It can effectively correct the bad driving state of the vehicle and greatly improve the driving performance of the vehicle. Therefore, we want to thank these active safety technologies, which not only bring us active safety, but also bring us great driving fun

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