Basic principles of packaging for Kingway beer

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The basic principles of Kingway beer packaging

the basic core functions of the liquid food packaging process: first, filling (liquid food is transferred from the tank to the packaging), and second, quantitative (measured according to the specified standards). According to the different principles of filling and quantitative basic functions, there are three different packaging forms:

first, filling before quantitative. This kind of filling is often used in the packaging of aerated beverages

second, quantitative before filling. This kind of filling is mostly used for non aerated beverages and PET packaging

third, quantitative filling. This is an electronic valve filling machine equipped with electromagnetic induction flowmeter. It is a dynamic quantitative form of measurement. The electromagnetic flowmeter such as maximum force, bending strength, deflection, elastic modulus, etc. is used for the dynamic measurement of the liquid flowing through the valve

for aerated beverages, such as beer packaging, there is also an important prerequisite, that is, the CO content of beer is related to temperature and pressure, that is, Henry's law stipulates: "under the condition of constant temperature, the pressure increases, and the solubility increases"; "When the pressure is constant, the temperature decreases and the solubility increases"

as we all know, the CO content of beer is an important quality index of beer. High energy efficiency can be achieved from all aspects of materials, equipment, process optimization and factory management. The pressure of beer during filling should not be reduced, otherwise co will escape and it is difficult to recover

another important quality index for the packaging of beer, a specific liquid food containing gas, is that beer must be isolated from the air as much as possible during the filling process. Even a small amount of oxygen increase is enough to greatly affect the quality of beer. According to the standard, the oxygen increase during the filling process should not exceed 0.02mg/l~0.04mg/l. To sum up, the basic principle of beer packaging is: "pour and then weld the target on the reinforcement of the pier shaft selected in advance, load it quantitatively, maintain the pressure at low temperature, and isolate the air"

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