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Chinaprint2013 printing consumables worth reviewing

in reviewing China print 2013 series, the ink chapter takes you to review those wonderful ink series exhibited at the exhibition. This article shows you other printing consumables worth seeing

Shenzhen University reflective material factory

at the China print 2013 exhibition, Shenzhen University reflective material factory exhibited anti-counterfeiting trademarks. There should be no obvious eccentric scrapable hot stamping film between its head and counterbore, ordinary anodized aluminum, bronzing film, transparent media packaging film, and positioning hot stamping film

anti counterfeiting trademarks: mainly laser holographic anti-counterfeiting trademarks PVC, OPP, pet (revealing hidden holographic trademarks, holographic positioning perspective window trademarks, transparent media trademarks, holographic positioning color trademarks, holographic laser coding serial number trademarks, holographic disk trademarks, etc.)

scratchable hot stamping film: mainly used on various cards, recharge cards, game cards and lottery tickets

ordinary anodized aluminum has the characteristics of strong motion and beautiful colors, and has a wide variety, which can meet the needs of medium and high-end products

transparent media packaging film: because this packaging film has good transparency, it is often used to replace the previous transparent light film on the surface of printed products in paper packaging and printing products, or as a plastic packaging printing film, so as to increase the anti-counterfeiting effect, aesthetics and novelty of products

positioning hot stamping film: positioning and laser holographic anti-counterfeiting marks are anti-counterfeiting marks completed by using laser color hologram plate making technology and precise molding technology. This product has precise positioning, exquisite patterns, unique personality, super anti-counterfeiting and colorful. Plate making technology includes: double column angle multi-channel, miniature text, dot matrix dynamic light, 3D optical effect, Euro technology, etc. Our factory has been successfully applied to cigarette packs, drug packaging, cosmetics packaging

Shenzhen University reflective material factory was founded in August 1986. It is the earliest holographic product R & D enterprise in China, the first enterprise in China to industrialize laser holographic technology, the production, learning and research experimental base of Shenzhen University and Shenzhen high-tech enterprise. It is the chairman unit of Shenzhen anti counterfeiting Association and the executive director unit of China anti counterfeiting Industry Association. It has passed the ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification. Our factory has long focused on the research and development and production of laser holographic anti-counterfeiting series products, including laser anti-counterfeiting trademark, semi transparent holographic anti-counterfeiting film, holographic hot stamping film, scrapable hot stamping film and so on. The factory covers an area of more than 9000 square meters, and the factory is fully equipped. It has 50 sets/sets of advanced laser direct writing plate making machine, laser double beam engraving machine, automatic wide/narrow reflective image molding machine, full tension control coating machine, winding vacuum coating machine and high-precision rewinding and cutting machine, forming a strong R & D and application ability, advanced and excellent design and plate making ability and a strong closed production system, The annual production capacity of various products reaches 60million square meters, which can undertake the production and manufacturing of related products in large quantities

Zhongshan Furi green (L) super alcohol reducing fountain solution

Zhongshan Furi printing materials Co., Ltd. green (L) super alcohol reducing fountain solution is a kind of fountain solution that can comprehensively solve the buffer system, and has been tested for all types of flat printing, which can reduce the amount of alcohol. It is a kind of fountain solution with advanced technology, which can prevent bacteria from breeding in the wetting system, does not contain formaldehyde, and has an efficient anti-corrosion system. Super alcohol reduction technology is an upgraded version of the original alcohol reduction (L8) fountain solution. 98.07 can provide faster drying speed and brighter colors for your prints. Product features: fast fountain, suitable for high-speed printing machine. Due to the thin water film formed, it can ensure good ink transfer performance and brightness. It has reasonable adaptability to a variety of inks, and can accelerate the drying and anti sticking of inks; It can speed up the forming of printing products and reduce the consumption. The fountain solution contains water retention elements, which protect the printing plate when it is shut down. Contains fungicide to prevent bacteria from growing in the bucket. Contains special additives to protect printing machine parts from corrosion; It can reduce or remove the accumulation on the blanket; At the same time, in many cases, the crystallization phenomenon on the ink roller can be reduced or eliminated. 100% vocfree is not volatile, which can ensure the constant and reliable conductivity level during printing and stabilize the printing quality

Meiji rubber blanket Shanghai Meiji rubber products Co., Ltd. is one of the largest export-oriented enterprises specializing in the production of air cushion rubber blanket for offset printing in China. In this exhibition, air cushion blanket for printing, blanket for commercial rotary machine, blanket for newspaper rotary, blanket for UV printing, blanket for flat sheet printing machine and blanket for iron printing were exhibited

air cushion rubber cloth for printing after all, the electric Summit Forum of aluminum cable focuses on modern factory information, and the gas performance is relatively high, which has passed the CMA test. The product quality meets the requirements of green printing, providing a high-quality and reliable guarantee for newspaper rotation, commercial rotation, UV printing and flat offset printing. At the same time, it also established the important position of Meiji blanket in the domestic and international printing market

the rubber blanket for commercial rotary machine has the characteristics of durability, pressure resistance and corrosion resistance, clear point reduction, strong paper edge resistance, good paper release and long service life. The products meet the testing requirements of green printing, with complete specifications and rapid delivery. The air cushion blanket with Aluminum clip, iron clip and steel clip can be cut and pressed on behalf of customers

dazaki powder spraying

Zhongshan dazaki printing materials Co., Ltd. exhibited dazaki powder spraying. Special KP is the combination of KP and special CSA, but there are certain restrictions on the scope of use. Because the powder particles are specially processed, the drying belt is fast. This product is mainly used for the printing of fine arts and crafts such as gold card paper and silver card paper, or when the amount of ink on the surface of the printed matter is small, the effect is ideal. It does not scatter when scattered, with high effective utilization rate and little environmental pollution to the surrounding environment

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