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Seagate mobile hard disk 3.0 2T USB3.0 Seagate hard disk ruipin 2TB high speed evaluation comments

let's take a look at the configuration features of this Seagate 2TB mobile hard disk ruipin USB3.0:

compatible dual systems support the use of windows/mac dual systems, and there is no need to format

intelligent backup built-in backup software one click backup

Seagate 2TB mobile hard disk ruipin USB3.0 friend evaluation:

2.5 inch 2TB, USB3.0, Sn code has been verified, And registered with Seagate official, it is authentic. Rose gold is very beautiful. The cover of the box is aluminum and the bottom of the box should be plastic. It is compact, compact and easy to carry. The actual capacity is 1.81tb, and the measured speed is 53.59m/s. 1. The host adopts the exchange servo electromechanical and driver as the power source to write 51.2/s, which is fast. The speed of Seagate 320G bought a few years ago is just over 20m (not bad, easy to use, and larger than this). The data cable is short, about 45cm, and the bag is OK. This model is good for household use. The small one is not enough, which mainly lies in the use of heat dissipation. The larger one needs external power supply, which loses portability. Overall praise

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Seagate 2TB mobile hard disk ruipin USB3.0 specification parameters:

Product Name: seagate/Seagate stdr2000

time of listing: 2013

month: December

brand: whether it is the biological industry development plan issued by the State Council Seagate/Seagate

Seagate mobile hard disk model released this year: stdr2000

shell material: metal

package type: official standard configuration

whether external power supply: no external power supply

face "Li Guangyao told color classification: White Rose Gold Gold Black Silver Red Blue

capacity: 2TB

Color: brand new

interface type: USB3.0

size: 2.5 inches

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