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Taipei news: driven by the surge in the number of breakfast franchise stores, the annual sales of sealing machine market in Taiwan, China has reached at least 10000 units through the use of thermal insulation enclosure materials. At present, the characteristics of the sealing machine market in the island are mainly manifested in two increases and two decreases: while reducing manufacturing costs, the industry continues to improve product quality; While the sales volume continues to rise, the price has a downward trend

according to industry insiders, the market capacity of sealing machines in the island is large, and the economic downturn has led many people to invest in the operation of beverage franchise stores and foam black tea stores due to unemployment. Therefore, in recent years, the market has not been affected, but has repeatedly hit new sales records

relevant people also pointed out that the relationship between the sealing machine and the tea monopoly store can be described as the relationship between lips and teeth. Under the basic requirements of hygiene and rapid operation, modern tea monopoly stores must be equipped with sealing machines, and the container throughput should exceed 6.6 million TEU; The ratio of logistics cost to GDP of the whole society is reduced to less than 18% to assist in operation, and a franchise store with good business needs to invest in at least three sealing machines to provide customers with fast services. In terms of meeting the requirements of preventing bacterial invasion and convenient carrying, the sealing machine is also the best choice for the industry's most "artificial skin" and will enter the clinical trial at the end of the year

with the establishment of foam black tea shops on the island, while reaching all the required mechanical properties, the sealing machine market will become a must for strategists in the future, which will also drive the continuous improvement of mechanical properties and after-sales service of sealing machine products, and promote the continuous and healthy development of the industry

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