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Explore the development of tea packaging Anxi will build a Chinese tea packaging City

[ppzhan Abstract] tea has a long history in China, plays an important role in people's daily life, and has formed a unique tea culture in the process of development. With the development of tea, the outer packaging of tea has experienced a continuous evolution process from the original simple paper packaging to the later iron can packaging, ceramic packaging, and now vacuum packaging

there are actually four layers in the small vacuum packaging bag. Can nitrogen be filled into the packaging bag? Yes, once upon a time, Anxi tea leaves were wrapped in paper or ceramic cans in May 2016. When you want to drink tea, take a handful out of the pot. Nowadays, such packaging is basically only in our memory

in September this year, China tea packaging city will be put into trial operation in Anxi, Fujian Province, becoming another tea industry complex in Anxi after Anxi, China's Tea Capital and Tea Expo

the change of small bags has witnessed the change of our habit of collecting and making tea. This issue of tea ceremony will follow this change with you

paper packaging gradually fades out of sight

so far, some products of Fujian gaojianfa tea industry still use paper packaging, which is very rare. More than 300 tons of paper wrapped tea are sold to Southeast Asia every year. Chen Chun, deputy general manager of gaojianfa tea industry, said that these paper wrapped tea packed like traditional Chinese medicine were packed with pure Luzhou flavor Anxi Tieguanyin. This traditional tea packaging has gradually faded out of people's vision in Anxi, but it is very popular in Southeast Asia. According to the packaging pattern, paper wrapped tea is divided into three series of chicken balls, jade girls and bananas, with more than a dozen varieties, in the shape of quadrangles, triangles and so on. All of them are transported to the Singapore distribution company in the upper section of Croix street in Singapore, and then wholesale and retail distribution to Malaysia, Thailand and so on through dozens of franchise stores

it is reported that this kind of paper wrapped tea existed in Southeast Asia more than 100 years ago. In 1918, Gao Yunping opened Gao Jianfa tea shop in Singapore and began to operate Anxi Tieguanyin. He also brought the habit of wrapping tea in paper to the local area. Paper wrapped tea, which is large in quantity, cheap and easy to store, is becoming popular. In recent years, with the development of tea supporting facilities, gaojianfa tea industry has also tried to promote modern packaging to Southeast Asia, but citizens of Southeast Asian countries, especially local Chinese and overseas Chinese, have a special preference for paper wrapped tea. In addition to being simple and convenient, Chinese elements such as jade girl, cock, earth, monkeyking, etc. on the appearance of paper wrapped tea deeply comfort the homesickness of wandering children

paper wrapped tea carries the memory of the older generation of Anxi people. In the early days, Anxi tea was simply wrapped in paper and placed in millions of Anxi people. Later, it developed into ceramic can packaging, which is also very simple. When you want to drink tea, you can grab it, weigh it, and take it out and put it into the teapot

but whether it is packaged in paper or ceramic cans, tea is directly exposed to the air. Tea cannot be preserved for too long. Therefore, the traditional Tieguanyin is of Luzhou flavor, which can be preserved for a period of time at room temperature

vacuum packaging changes the way tea is preserved

in the 1990s, tea began to implement vacuum packaging. At this time, it's just to put tea in a big bag and drain the air inside. Tea can be well preserved by vacuum packaging in large bags. However, once the large bags are opened, the tea will be in direct contact with the air, which is also not conducive to preservation

how to keep tea fresh for a long time? Only by packaging the tea you want to drink each time into a small package can you do it. At the beginning of this century, small bag packaging began to appear. Tea merchants divided tea into small packages, each containing about 7 grams of tea. With the promotion of small bag packaging, the fragrant Tieguanyin has been well preserved and has quickly become the darling of the market. At this time, many people go out and put a few packets of tea in their bags

while the packaging method is changing, the material of the packaging bag is also quietly changing. According to chenzefang, the production manager of Anxi Yilong tea packaging industry and Trade Co., Ltd., cotton paper was used at the beginning. However, the permeability of cotton paper is relatively strong, and then aluminum foil was used. Now a thin small vacuum bag generally contains three layers. The outer layer is printed film, the middle layer is aluminized film, and the inner layer is PE polyethylene film for food. Now, a small vacuum bag with four layers of film has been newly developed on the market. There is a layer of laser film in the middle of this vacuum bag

we also plan to make nitrogen filled small vacuum bags. He said that at present, the packaging bags of egg yolk pie and French fries are filled with nitrogen, which is an inert gas, which can better preserve tea

large scale production of gift boxes reduces costs and improves production.

tea packaged in small bags should be put into cans and then into gift boxes. Anxi used to be paper cans, but now most of them are iron cans. Anxi Guangfu Packaging Co., Ltd. chairman assistant panyulong said

how to make iron cans more beautiful? Many packaging manufacturers are racking their brains. We thought of adding a layer of laser film on the iron can. Pan Yulong said that in this way, the appearance of the iron can looks like a rainbow flashing. Custom report: clicking the "custom report" button is very beautiful. However, the laser film also has disadvantages. After all, it is a real film. Stick it on the iron sheet, and the iron sheet can be made into a square can. If it does not affect the original physical and mechanical properties of the plastic resin, it will be made into other shapes, and the laser film will form wrinkles. Later, we transferred the laser aluminized film to the iron sheet. The film that we could touch was missing, but it still had the effect of laser film, so that the iron sheet can be made into cans of various shapes

it is understood that most iron cans and gift boxes in Anxi are made manually, such as bonding iron pieces and paper pieces, which requires workers to paste them piece by piece. Therefore, the packaging cost is relatively expensive. Some tea is only two or three hundred yuan per kilogram, but the gift box costs thirty or forty yuan, which greatly increases the cost of tea sales. How can we reduce costs? We are trying to replace manual production through assembly line production, reduce labor costs and increase production

in the future, with the large-scale production of gift boxes, the cost will be reduced, which is also a good thing for citizens

With the continuous development and expansion of Anxi tea industry and the continuous extension of the industrial chain, the professional market of tea industry has excellent development prospects, and tea packaging has not yet formed a professional market. In response to this situation, Anxi is building a Chinese tea packaging city

China tea packaging city will set up special zones for the world's famous tea based on the model of Yiwu: the low accuracy of the internal resistance strain gauge of the world sensor, the poor anti-aging ability of the glue used to fix the strain gauge, and the poor material of the sensor will affect the accuracy of the sensor, and the exhibition area of tea brand enterprises in the world; Packaging design brand enterprise display, design release, creative display, packaging design printing transaction display area; Tea and Taiwan, China tea food shopping area; Tea set, tea table, tea accessories, tea art and other tea supplies shopping area; The e-commerce office area, stores and physical experience stores of the tea trading headquarters constitute a perfect e-commerce business district; Tea cooperative exhibition and business zone, etc

it is understood that China tea packaging city is going to invest 400million yuan, which is expected to be put into use in September this year

green leaves lined with safflower

nowadays, packaging has become one of the carriers for many tea enterprises to show their corporate culture

liangmingzhu, media specialist of Quanzhou ideal Tea Co., Ltd., said that the corporate culture, brand concept and product characteristics of each tea enterprise are different, which are reflected in the packaging. In addition, packaging is also the blood of the continuation of corporate culture. For example, the packaging of ideal tea is different in all periods, but the latter packaging style adjustment is based on the previous one, so that the history of the enterprise is clearly recorded on the packaging

the relationship between tea and tea packaging is like that between safflower and green leaves. The development of tea industry has greatly promoted the development of tea packaging, and the improvement of tea packaging in turn has promoted the increase of tea added value

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