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Sealing and anti-counterfeiting snap ring twist break composite cover

snap ring twist break composite cover is composed of an inner cover and an outer cover. Its structural design feature is that the inner cover is a built-in inner cover, which is composed of an inner plug and a sealing plug in the inner plug. The outer cover is inside the jjg475 ⑵ 008 verification regulation of electronic universal testing machine with a notch line aluminum cylinder with several connection points, without an outer cover with internal threads and a paper jam cover under the outer cover. This kind of card has good sealing effect and remarkable anti-counterfeiting effect by twisting and breaking the composite cover

statement: the main part of the experimental machine adopts the steel plate welding frame structure, the segmented moving beam adjusts the experimental space, the single rod double acting piston cylinder applies the experimental force, and the manual or servo control experimental process

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