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Seamless weaving meets the needs of the fashion market.

seamless weaving uses special equipment, and the neck, waist, buttocks and other parts can produce molded clothes at one time without seams. Compared with traditional technology, it has the advantages of high scientific and technological content, reduced labor costs, reduced startup quantity, reduced plant area, reduced energy consumption and instant production

it takes 6-9 minutes for an ordinary garment to be made according to traditional technology, while it takes only 3 minutes with seamless equipment, which is surprisingly short. Seamless technology can directly weave yarn into clothes, without the need to weave yarn into cloth like shuttle weaving, and then sew clothes with cloth, which not only saves labor costs, but also can better control the inventory of yarn and cloth and reduce the number of machines

nowadays, seamless technology has been greatly improved and is increasingly used in all aspects of the clothing field, especially seamless underwear, which has quickly become an important branch of the underwear industry with the characteristics of close fitting and comfort. In addition, the technology is also making breakthroughs in outerwear, sportswear, swimwear and other directions

at present, more than 90% of the production and consumption of seamless clothing are concentrated in Europe and North America. Although Asia has only started in recent two years, it has developed very rapidly. Many top brand manufacturers in the world, such as Reebok, Adidas, Christian Dior, Ralph Lauren, dolce&gabbana, Benetton, Versace, Nike, Calvin Klein, have begun to apply seamless technology

in 1997, only 1% of underwear manufacturers in the world used seamless technology to produce underwear, which has exceeded 40% this year. Seamless underwear electronic universal testing machine can solve the bottleneck of after-sales service, and the market space is huge. Seamless underwear will become a fashionable and popular product of knitted underwear in the next few years

seamless underwear is a substitute product for traditional underwear. The whole body is woven into a concave convex barrel shape by imported equipment. Combined with computer jacquard and body shape design, the product is comfortable to wear, flexible, retract the abdomen and chest, adjust the sitting posture, reshape the body shape, and fat people wear it without falling flesh and show symmetry; Thin people look plump with chest and hips raised

in the international market, seamless underwear products account for more than 85% of the total underwear market share. It can be seen that this product has obtained polybutyric acid (4-hydroxy ⑵, 2,6,6-4 methyl ⑴ piperidine ethanol) ester, which has been widely recognized by most international consumers

seamless underwear adopts computer design and computer jacquard, which is shaped at one time and integrates beauty, comfort and health care. There are many kinds of products with complete designs and colors. The raw material widely used internationally is Austrian wood pulp green environmental protection fiber modal, and the finished product is as light and soft as cashmere. In addition, underwear made of modal and cotton blended fibers and fibers such as Kubo silk, Masonic and high-grade combed cotton is a representative work of fashion underwear with strong sweat absorption, excellent flexibility and comfort

ergonomic design and the world's leading weaving technology are used in detail. According to the needs of different parts of the body, different 3D structures are used to make the sweating parts sweat more, and the cold prone parts keep warm, so as to deduce the sweat guiding function of high ingredients to the extreme

seamless underwear is generally woven with elastic fibers, which can be almost three times more elastic, making activities a little unrestrained, meeting the harshest environment and the highest sports requirements, providing the most intimate protection, truly realizing the concept of outdoor sports and wearing, and is the first choice for outdoor sports in winter

at present, the international manufacturers of seamless underwear machines are mainly SANTONI and SANGIACOMO in Italy, Stoll in Germany, Shima Seiki in Japan, etc. their advanced manufacturing technology represents the advanced level of seamless equipment in the world

there are 18 types of Saint Tony's full range of seamless machines, among which sm8-top2 electronic seamless forming knitting circular machine is the most commonly used model in Chinese knitting enterprises at present; Stoll perfectly combines the technology of changing machine number with seamless technology, and launched the sportswear production flat knitting machine. Its "woven and wearable" flat knitting machine and seamless innovative solutions for "woven and wearable" meet the rapidly growing functional sportswear market; Shimagi has launched wholegarment technology, which has been recognized by the European market, and is now being introduced in large quantities in the Chinese market

China's seamless knitting machine is a branch developed in recent years. Compared with foreign seamless knitting machines, there is a gap in the advanced performance of the equipment, especially the gap between the quality can be turned off buzzer and the speed; The level of electromechanical integration and computer control technology need to be improved and optimized; The adaptability of new raw materials, product quality control, and the improvement of machine efficiency also need to be improved; Supporting equipment needs to be kept up; Reliability and stability, especially the reliability of the electronic control part, need to be solved. (end)

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