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no6 The representative brands of domain color

are: scholbrak, great Dunhuang,

the one-step extrusion process that combines mixing, granulation and extrusion process into one is also worthy of attention. Line index: ★★★

people are always curious and yearning for exotic customs and national characteristics. In China, this national characteristic resource is inexhaustible for wine packaging design. Nowadays, the regional differences of Chinese wine have become a big buying point, such as "origin protection". In addition, packaging design is the most effective way to spread the selling points of regional differences, such as the design of six scenic spots of Chengdu Jingguan city in Shuijingfang wine packaging in the early years, and the perfect design of western regions arch, Indian tapestry, Dunhuang Grottoes, China flying sky and other characteristic elements in shor Braque wine packaging and great Dunhuang wine packaging in 2005, which suddenly enlightened the vision of the industry and consumers and couldn't put it down. Such packaging has been imitated by different degrees and brands in a very short time, which also reflects the acceptance and purchase of consumers from one side

comments: National is world. China has rich resources with national characteristics. Brand makers and designers should carefully explore them to make them a core cultural competitiveness for regional brands to develop outside the region and domestic brands to develop abroad

No7. Card box

representative brands: Jinliufu, Langjiu, 18 distilleries

popularity index: ★★ ★

in that year, when the wine label was not enough to express more cultural competitiveness in the market competition, the outer packaging of the card box came into being at the right time. Gray paperboard and gold and silver paperboard were popular for a time, but due to the lack of design power, high-grade materials took advantage of it, which was expensive but not environmentally friendly. The alcohol market was over packed, which was worrying. In the 2006 spring festival market, many brands began to rationally use a large number of card boxes for packaging. On the one hand, it shows that the level of packaging design is becoming more and more mature, and the market consciousness of designers is becoming more and more perfect; On the one hand, it shows that the cost and environmental protection awareness of alcohol enterprises are improved, and the product development is more rational

comments: the market tends to be mature and consumption tends to be rational. The excessive packaging of moon cakes has been banned by the government and the media. How far can the excessive packaging of alcohol go

No8. Gift box

representative brands: Jinliufu, Redwood, Sui Sui Tuan in order to reduce the impact of packaging waste on the environment, northeast fourth treasure, Hengshui Laobaigan

popularity index: ★★★

China is a country of etiquette, and Chinese people pay attention to reciprocity, so both consumers and manufacturers pay great attention to gift box wine in the alcohol market. For a brand, gift box wine not only has a huge market return and increases sales, but also is crucial to the brand image display and promotion. In 2005, many brands strengthened the product development of gift box wine, focusing on three directions: single gift box, multi gift box and theme gift box, breaking the situation that the gift box wine market has been lack of brands and dominated by two brands for many years. At present, according to the market feedback, the brand gift box wine is generally loved by dealers and consumers, and the sales situation is satisfactory. From the perspective of market and packaging, Jinliufu gift box series, sequoia tree single gift box, northeast fourth treasure single gift box, Hengshui Laobaigan multi gift box, year-round reunion multi gift box and so on have certain representativeness and reference value

comments: the Chinese nation is a nation of etiquette, reciprocity, and courtesy. China's etiquette tradition, numerous festivals and more and more business events provide a broad development space for the gift box wine market. At present, the competition in the gift box wine market is not fierce, and there are many market opportunities. It can be judged that 2006 is the brand era of gift box wine; By 2008, gift box wine will enter the profit peak year for the staff who can contact this website. Its brand will be transmitted all over the world at the same time, which is of great significance for Chinese wine to expand the international market in the future

No9. Olympic

representative brands: Jinliufu classic 08, Moutai red jade porcelain, Genghis Khan

popularity index: ★★

the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games is approaching, and from the Great Wall to Olympia - for Chinese people, it is a dream and pride; For manufacturers, it is a peak sales year and an attractive feast. There is no doubt that the Olympic Games has provided infinite business opportunities for brands to improve their brands and promote sales. In 2005, Yanjing beer and Tsingtao beer have successively become sponsors of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. In addition, according to the Olympic Organizing Committee, three domestic wine enterprises are also actively applying for sponsorship of the Olympic Games. However, it is regrettable that Chinese Baijiu cannot directly participate in the Olympic Games because it belongs to strong liquor and contradicts the Olympic spirit. However, we still feel some Olympic flavor through the packaging, such as "classic 08 - we are ready" launched by Jinliufu, and "red jade porcelain - from the Great Wall to Olympia (Olympic gift money)" launched by Maotai Bulao liquor. The packaging of liquor cleverly uses the design elements related to the Olympic theme to resonate with consumers

manufacturers need to pay special attention when developing Olympic themed wine packaging: Olympic marketing is not a short-term behavior, but a systematic project, which requires perseverance and far sighted strategy. Enterprises must recognize the homogeneity between the Olympic spirit and corporate culture, and accurately position it. They cannot deliberately integrate the Olympic Games into packaging and publicity just for the sake of fashion. If the connection between the brand and the Olympics is too far fetched, it will be difficult for consumers to transfer their enthusiasm for the Olympics to products. Therefore, if Genghis Khan wants to dance the Olympic Games, it is not enough and inappropriate to simply use the name of "welcoming the Olympic Series". Instead, it should position and excavate its own brand culture, such as the cultural connotation of "fighting, enterprising, self-confidence; faster, higher, stronger" that is consistent with the historical achievements of Genghis Khan's rule of the world and the Olympic spirit

comments: grasp the Olympic Games, guide consumption, whole process marketing, and earn both fame and wealth. 2008 Beijing Olympic Games - are we ready

No10. Color

represents brands: drunkard, Guojiao, hundred birds Chaofeng, Hengshui Laobaigan

popularity index: ★★

consumer psychology research shows that the visual impression produced by color plays a preconceived role in all kinds of sensory impression, accounting for about 80% of attention. Color can best reflect the quality and grade of products, and plays a good role in consumer psychological induction. It has strong visual appeal and expressiveness in liquor packaging, and has become one of the most powerful methods in liquor brand competition, especially for high-end and medium-sized liquor

in 2005, the biggest color innovations came from the new Jiugui wine packaging (red + Black) of simplicity hall, the Guojiao 1573 wine packaging (red + Black) of happy shape and color, and the bainiao Chaofeng wine packaging (red + blue) of Sihe Taifeng. The color application of these wine packages broke the elegant color packaging style they made in 2004, which can be called a classic

comments: for a successful product, the color of its packaging should start from meeting its own brand characteristics, and be integrated according to different grade requirements, different consumer groups, different consumer regions and other factors, so as to achieve color harmony and be different from other brands

looking at 2005, Chinese wine packaging seems to have gradually found a feeling. On the one hand, symbolic elements with strong Chinese color, such as Chinese seal, Chinese paper cutting, Chinese porcelain, Chinese calligraphy, Chinese folk houses, western region characteristics, are increasingly integrated into wine packaging design. The return of this Chinese culture comes from the increasing awareness of brand Chinese characteristics of wine enterprises and the accurate grasp of Chinese consumption psychology. At the same time, it shows that such packaging has indeed been welcomed and accepted by the market for many years. On the other hand, designers began to pay attention to the embodiment of color on high-end wine. Manufacturers gave up density boards and used cardboard materials in the development of medium-end wine. These phenomena show that many wine enterprises and designers are improving their cost awareness and environmental protection awareness. In addition, some brands have been carrying out special product development and packaging design for the Olympic theme and gift market, which shows that great business opportunities contained in the old traditional etiquette culture and the Olympic trend in the new era are being valued. Industry experts believe that these packages will certainly achieve better market performance this year. ■

source: sugar, tobacco and alcohol weekly

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