The hottest pump King shows Sany's ambition and co

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"Pump king" shows Sany's ambition and confidence to become a world-class enterprise

"pump king" shows Sany's ambition and confidence to become a world-class enterprise

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Guide: on March 18, the e-generation Tianjiao Sany Heavy Industry Brand day series activities kicked off in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province. As the world's largest manufacturer of pump truck sales, Sany Heavy Industry will then be held in more than 30 domestic cities such as Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Beijing, Shanghai, and the United States, Germany, and India will be selected worldwide

on March 18, "e-generation Tianjiao · Sany Heavy Industry Brand day" series activities kicked off in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province. As the world's largest manufacturer of pump trucks, Sany Heavy Industry will then be held in more than 30 domestic cities such as Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Beijing, Shanghai, and other countries around the world, including the United States, Germany, India, Brazil and other countries for promotion. For nearly a year, this will be a global tour of top concrete equipment, as well as a display stage for Sany manufacturing and quality, It is also a platform for industry insiders to communicate

as the most visited and influential internet construction machinery industry media in China, China Construction Machinery Information () participated in this event. On the day of the event, witnessed by 1300 guests including leaders of Nanjing municipal government, leaders of local Concrete Association, customers and media in Jiangsu Province, Sany Heavy Industry technicians demonstrated this new E-Series pump truck (e-generation Tianjiao), which is efficient, energy-saving, safe, comfortable and durable. This new product, which integrates 12 years of professional pump truck manufacturing experience of Sany group and integrates seven international leading technologies, was unanimously praised by the guests here for a detailed analysis and introduction, which also made the guests full of confidence and expectation for Sany's future development and market performance

Mr. xiezhixia, general manager of Sany Heavy Industry Marketing Company, delivered a speech

"I am very optimistic about the prospects of the concrete machinery industry. In the coming years, China's development and urbanization will continue to advance, and we are in a good period of strategic opportunities." Xiezhixia, general manager of Sany Heavy Industry Marketing Company, made such a judgment and gave a detailed analysis: first, in 2016, Congo's cobalt production fell by 7.35% year-on-year. At present, China's urbanization rate is 46.6%. China's Ministry of human resources and social security recently proposed that China's urbanization rate will exceed 51% in 2015 and reach about 65% by 2030. Compared with 80% of developed countries, it is self-evident that there is a huge room for growth in the future. The housing construction market brought by the urbanization process will also be prosperous for a long time; Second, China's regional development has obvious gradient differences, ranging from a province to a country. The strength of regional economy will increase the market capacity of concrete equipment in the future. China has a vast territory, abundant resources and a large population. The solution of urbanization and human survival problems cannot be separated from national infrastructure. Nowadays, the revitalization plan of the central and western regions will also bring about the vigorous development of the regional economy. In these areas, Sany concrete equipment occupies an absolute advantage, and the market prospect of pumping products is very optimistic; Third, with the in-depth implementation of sustainable development policies and people's increasing attention to environmental protection and low-carbon living environment, the concrete industry standards are bound to be improved. The reason why the state proposed the mandatory use of commercial concrete is precisely because it can provide a good guarantee for the ecological environment and human living environment. High standards and requirements for construction quality will breed a new concrete revolution; Fourth, with the change of people's growth organization and working habits, efficiency has become the key word of the times. It is shown in the construction industry as a substantial improvement in the level of mechanized construction. Only by using specialized equipment can we give consideration to construction quality and efficiency under the situation of increasing labor costs and improving construction standards. At present, the construction time of high-speed railway in China is 1/4 to 1/3 shorter than that in foreign countries. At the same time, it also provides a strong driving force for the development of instrument technology and industry. From Mr. Xie's incisive analysis, it is not difficult for us to see the optimistic development prospects of concrete pump trucks. The market has always been the best navigation for the development of enterprises. Many leading construction machinery enterprises at home and abroad will also invest in pump truck manufacturing with a view to occupying a place in the future concrete market. How to win the commanding height of development in the daytime competition, control the voice of the market and lead the development of the industry? Sany Heavy Industry has given its own answer: innovation

Sany Heavy Industry has been adhering to a path of innovation since its inception. "E generation Tianjiao" is another powerful proof of Sany's innovation strength. President Xie said loudly in the interview, "there is no end to R & D!" After all the furnace rooms were baked, he shared with us the three stages of Sany's product development: the first stage was to lay a solid foundation, take catching up with and surpassing the same level in China as the goal, and become a powerful team in construction machinery manufacturing; In the second stage, we are determined to research and develop the best products at home and abroad, and successively launch the gold medal strategy and the silver medal strategy; In the third stage, we will create the world's most perfect products with epoch-making absolute advantages, interpret Sany's "quality changes the world" as a king, and become the leader of the industry. This stage is the beautiful vision of Sany, and it is also a development stage that Sany will inevitably achieve. The launch of E-series concrete pump truck is an important symbol for Sany to move forward towards the goal of a world-class enterprise

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