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"World pump king" assists the scientific community in the construction of the world's largest earthquake simulation facility

"world pump king" assists the scientific community in the construction of the world's largest earthquake simulation facility

China Construction machinery information

"China's first major national scientific and technological infrastructure in the field of Earthquake Engineering - large-scale earthquake engineering simulation research facility was built in Tianjin. After the completion of the large scientific device, it will become the world's largest and most powerful major engineering seismic simulation research facility, which is of great significance to ensure the safety of civil engineering, water conservancy, marine, transportation and other major projects compared with other synthetic fiber reinforced composites such as glass fiber.

Sany Among the latest C10 truck mounted pumps of heavy industry

12 concrete equipment (9 truck mounted pumps and 3 Trailer pumps) of Sany Heavy Industry participated in the concrete pouring project of the facility, helping to build this "world-class" scientific facility

Sany equipment is on the construction site of large-scale earthquake engineering simulation research facilities

Sany equipment helps "the country's top priority"

the world's largest earthquake engineering simulation research facility

large scientific devices reflect a country's innovation potential from one side. The large-scale earthquake engineering simulation research facility is another "national priority" after Guizhou Tianyan (fast) and Shanghai light source line station. After the completion of this facility, it can significantly improve the innovation ability and level of China's engineering technology field

aerial view of facilities

the total volume of the floor concrete pouring project is about 100000 m3, and sany pumping equipment has poured about 70000 m3. The project is basically all downward pumping operations, with a maximum depth of about 6 meters, and a pumping distance of 150 meters, requiring one-time continuous pumping. Long time and generous concrete pumping requires high quality and stability of the equipment, and sany truck mounted pump and trailer pump have successfully completed many pouring tasks

Sany service personnel patrol the equipment

during the construction process, Sany equipment has been pumped for many times for a long time, of which the maximum pouring volume is 20000 m3 within 48 hours. Sany 9 sets of 9018 vehicle mounted pumps and 3 sets of 80c1818 Trailer pumps participate in the construction. The pumping operation of Sany equipment has been very stable, and each pumping equipment on the site has been equipped with spare pipelines, which are not used

the gold medal service has won the hearts of customers

"our first choice is still Sany"

long before the construction, this kind of solution calculus nano laminated composite one-time injection molding improved the PVC strength. Sany service personnel went to the site to conduct on-site investigation, guide the design and construction of pipeline laying, organize patrol inspection during the construction, comprehensively inspect the equipment, and arrange service engineer Xie Zhirong to be on duty to ensure the smooth completion of the construction. The customer commented, "thank you very much for the Sany service engineer's full escort on site."

Sany service personnel checked the equipment

the construction parties - Tianjin Xiangsheng Longxin Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. and Tianjin Binhai Yu but must be completed. Houwei Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. are both gold medal construction parties in Tianjin, and are also Sany's loyal customers and partners. The pump trucks, on-board pumps, towing pumps and other products of the two companies are all Sany brands. Li Shupu, chairman of Binhai Yuwei company, expressed his appreciation for the reliable quality and service of Sany equipment. Zhou Hansheng, chairman of Tianjin Xiangsheng Longxin, also commented, "our purchase of Sany equipment is mainly to recognize the quality of Sany. Thanks for the spirit of Sany service engineers who have been on call for so many years."

Sany wishes the project a complete success

Tianjin Xiangsheng Longxin company has purchased Sany equipment since 2004. Tang Baoquan, general manager, said: "in the past 16 or 17 years, we have great confidence in the quality of Sany equipment". "We have also made a comparison of fuel consumption. Compared with other brands of cars, the fuel consumption is probably 10%-15% lower, which is very comfortable and worry free." Mr. Tang also said that if there is a procurement plan in the later stage, "our first choice is still Sany"

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