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Hainan's melon and vegetable industry is booming, and most of the bamboo weaving industry packaging baskets are produced in Dapo town. Core tip: Xinrui village, Dapo Town, Qiongshan District, Haikou City is a famous professional bamboo weaving village in our province. Not only seven year old children can weave bamboo, but also people in their 100s are still young and strong. The green bamboo all over the mountains has enriched the farmers in this area. At present, almost all the melon and vegetable baskets used in cities and counties in the province come from this village, and the bamboo woven by this village has been sold outside the island

a bamboo basketmaker earns thousands of yuan a month.

yesterday, I saw in the Yuntou terracotta village of the village committee that not only road 3 is to cut the same width of 1cm at the bonding between the outsole wall and the upper during sample preparation, but also measure the peel strength of each point. There are patches of bamboo on both sides, and there are bamboos in front of and behind each house. Wu kuncun, 55, is one of the major bamboo planting and weaving households in the village. He said that although each bamboo basket is usually only oneortwo yuan, or threeorfour yuan, each person can easily earn more than a thousand yuan because of the extra quantity for a month, and sometimes the annual income of each person is more than 20000 yuan. Most of the bamboos and bamboo wares in the village are purchased by foreign bosses

according to ouyingguan, director of Xinrui village economic society, the whole village committee currently participates in the bamboo weaving of 372 households, accounting for 90% of the total number of households in the village. People who participate in the bamboo weaving range from 100 year old women to 78 year old children, especially from September to April of the next year, every family is processing day and night. According to statistics, in 2004, the total income of the village committee from the sale of raw bamboo and bamboo products reached 5.2 million yuan, and the per capita income of the bamboo weaving industry was 1893 yuan, resulting in 7 professional bamboo merchandising households

according to Wu Yishen, deputy mayor of Dapo Town, driven by the Xinrui village committee, 5800 mu of bamboo forests are currently planted in the town. Last year, the town knitted and produced 3.56 million pieces of bamboo, with an income of 6.2 million yuan. Wu Yishen said that the bamboo processing industry in Xinrui village has a long history. At present, almost all melon and vegetable baskets in cities and counties across the province come from here. Last year, merchants from "Guangdong and Guangxi" came to ask for goods. Although small machines are used to split bamboo in this village, the technology is still at the level of extensive products

Hainan melon and vegetable industry is booming bamboo weaving industry

Dapo town is the most remote in Qiongshan, Xinrui village is the most remote in Dapo Town, and Qingpi bamboo is the most famous in Xinrui village. The whole village committee has 17 natural villages, all of which are covered with bamboo forests. Farmers in this area have the traditional technology of weaving and processing bamboo, as well as the custom of loving bamboo and planting bamboo. It is said that this history has lasted for more than 100 years

there were some natural bamboos in the village, which were planted on a large scale in the late 1970s. By 1991, woven bamboo ware, especially melon and vegetable baskets, had sprung up on a large scale. With the development of sea pumpkin vegetable industry, Xinrui bamboo industry market continues to be optimistic

according to the introduction, the tropical efficient agriculture in our province has developed rapidly. With the large demand for packaged bamboo baskets for the northern transportation and sales of melons and vegetables and tropical fruits in winter, the Party committee and town government of Dapo Town, in combination with local reality, give full play to the advantages of bamboo forest resources and weaving technology in Xinrui village, and focus on the development of bamboo weaving industry while mobilizing the masses to plant bamboo vigorously

it is reported that at present, bamboo weaving has been listed as one of the important industries in rural economic development in the development plan of the town (belonging to the important one of the three major items of planting, breeding and weaving in the whole town), so as to increase publicity, expand production scale, support and cultivate professional households, promote production by marketing, and make the bamboo weaving industry in Xinrui village develop rapidly

in the year of drought, many outsiders who have been to Xinrui village praise it as a good place to shoot film and television dramas. The endless bamboo forest is not only an excellent scenery, a forest of wealth, but also brings good luck to the whole village committee. For example, this year is a year of great drought, but Xinrui village, like Xanadu, is not thirsty. Other villages may not see water when they dig wells up to 20 or 30 meters deep. As long as they drill a few meters, there will be running water gushing out of the village

according to Wu Yishen, the deputy mayor of the town, many parts of the town have suffered serious drought this year, and rice and crop cultivation have been affected. However, Xinrui village has not been affected much, and the bamboo in the whole village is still green, which is the main industry of drought and flood to ensure a good harvest. Moreover, due to the large number of bamboo forests, good ecology and rich water storage capacity, compared with the nearby Zhongshui village committee, Dapo village committee and other places, the drinking water of people and animals in the village has never been a problem

according to ouyingguan, director of Xinrui village economic society, bamboo forests play a great role in the accumulation of water sources. When digging wells to solve the drinking water of human and livestock in the adjacent Zhongshui village, it usually needs to be as deep as 20 meters, and some villages need to dig more than 30 meters. Many natural villages in Zhongrui village still use wells in the 1970s and 1980s. Even if the old wells in some villages are insufficient in water supply, there will be water if they drill wells five or six meters deep in the field. Some villagers drill new wells in the bamboo forest at the gate, and there will be sufficient water supply only after they drill more than 10 meters. Director Ou said with a smile: "there are bamboos in the house, the water flows often, and there is no worry about life!"

A 105 year old woman has been weaving bamboo baskets for 80 years, and has brought 45 apprentices in her five life together

the old man's name is Xue Yuerong. He is not only the oldest old man in Yuntou terracotta village of Xinrui village committee, but also the oldest in the whole Dapo town. Although she has white hair and wrinkles on her face, she has clear ears, eyes and mouth. He can not only cook and wash clothes, but also go up the mountain to collect firewood. The old man is in good health, but occasionally he has stomach or foot pain and walks slowly

speaking of the secret recipe for longevity, people in the village say that she is particularly hygienic and eats delicately. Now her daily meals are refined meat and vegetables. The most important thing is that she is optimistic, likes to laugh and likes to chat with people. Approaching to greet her, she smiled and shook hands with her, and her hands were very powerful

speaking of trying 3D printing technology and her bamboo basket weaving, the elder's 76 year old son gushed to introduce her. The old man is a Ding'an resident. He learned bamboo weaving skills in his mother-in-law's house before he passed the door. After marrying the Wu family, he knitted baskets full-time. By this year, he has a weaving history of almost 80 years. When she was young, she planted bamboo, cut bamboo and split bamboo woven baskets to do "one-stop" work. She could weave sixorseven melon and vegetable packaging baskets a day. When she was old, her children and grandchildren chopped bamboo strips. Now she can weave four bamboo baskets a day. How much do you know about the pressure shear experimental machine? Now let's introduce the selection skills and key points of 1 press shear experimental machine. Compared with children around the age of 10, the speed of the gold test rubber plastic leather tensile tester is generally unable to lose the introduction competition. Nowadays, the old man's bamboo weaving has reached the level of perfection, and he can knit it with his eyes closed during the day and without lights at night

when she saw Xue Yuerong, she was sitting in the shade of a big tree in front of the door, holding a four or five-year-old boy while playing and working. She has wove a basket and is busy finishing the second one. Her hands fumbled up and down with the flying bamboo strips. If it weren't for the age spots and unusually thin on her hands, people couldn't believe it was the hands of a centenarian

Wu kunyong, the grandson of the old man, introduced that his family lived together for five generations and sold bamboo baskets as the main source of income. There were 49 people, 45 of whom were his grandmother's apprentices. The bamboo utensils made by his grandmother were fine and beautiful, and they were famous far and near. The thin baskets could hold rice, and the pepper powder was not leaked

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