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the May Fifth Five Year Plan pump industry refreshes the record of large double volute slurry pump ()

at present, the large double volute slurry pump MH for the mining and metallurgical industry independently developed by Xiangyang May Fifth Five Year Plan pump industry Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "pump company") has been successfully trial produced, with a pump head of 22 tons, a flow of 5000 (m3/h), and an efficiency of 85.5%, Refreshed the development of large-scale double volute slag by pump company... [details]

Xiangdian Co., Ltd. won the 50 million yuan motor project in the petrochemical explosion-proof industry ()

because the tensile testing machine can measure the performance of a variety of products

recently, Xiangdian Co., Ltd. received the letter of acceptance for some motors in the annual framework agreement of motors of Ningxia Baofeng Energy Group Co., Ltd. this winning project includes high-voltage, low-voltage, explosion-proof motors and other products of various specifications and models, The bid winning amount is about 50million yuan [details]

Kaiquan successfully topped the 2020 ranking of China's pump market revenue ()

compared with foreign-funded enterprises, domestic enterprises have a better development trend, basically achieving growth, while some foreign-funded enterprises have slightly decreased. Among the top ten enterprises, there are 6 domestic enterprises, whose income accounts for 63% of the top ten. Congratulations to Kaiquan for successfully reaching the summit. Please confirm the data of dark blue pump industry with the official. This is for reference only... [details]

National Water Conservancy Work Conference: what opportunities does it mean for the pump industry? ()

the national water conservancy work conference was held in Beijing. The meeting stressed that we should adhere to the water control idea of "giving priority to water conservation, spatial balance, systematic governance, and making efforts with both hands", thoroughly implement the general tone of water conservancy reform and development of "water conservancy projects to make up for weaknesses, and strengthen supervision of the water conservancy industry", work together, and do solid work, At a new historical starting point... [details]

Hunan Leo must establish new work in the hydraulic test of tubular pump collar 24 hours after the completion of bonding installation ()

for example, five shaft tubular pumps are provided for Zhejiang Shupu gate station, with a single pump flow of up to 50m3/S; The West Drainage Project at the upstream of Yaojiang River provides two semi regulating shaft tubular pumps with a single pump design flow of 20m3/S; At present, four vertical shaft tubular pumps and single pump flow of Wuhu E Xi River flood discharge new station project are being manufactured... [details]

Shanghai Wuyue pump valve: "independent innovation" is a policy and principle that needs to be adhered to for a long time ()

the person in charge of Shanghai Wuyue pump valve pointed out that "independent innovation" is a policy and principle that needs to be adhered to for a long time. Innovation is first of all the innovation of consciousness. Don't think that others will tell you the key technology, and don't copy other people's core technology. Scientific research innovation must rely on our bit by bit creation. I... [details]

"out of town and into the park", "LAN Pump" is reborn ()

the appearance of LAN Pump Co., Ltd. "out of town and into the park" is one of the powerful measures of our city for the intensive development, transformation and upgrading of enterprises, Many enterprises that have fallen into difficulties in development have been revitalized. "LAN Pump" is the first batch of beneficiary enterprises. In April, 2013, The relocation, transformation and upgrading of "going out of the city and into the park" implemented in Lanzhou... [details]

Hunan high speed railway vocational college and Hunan oil pump reached a school enterprise cooperation framework agreement (2 the most fundamental and effective way is to let the waste materials degrade and disappear after entering the seawater)

"Through the two Y-axis exchanges with Hunan high speed railway vocational college, we have strengthened our determination to jointly explore a new mode of school enterprise cooperation. We believe that the strong combination of the two sides can bring infinite possibilities." Yan Lijuan, deputy general manager of Hunan Oil Pump Co., Ltd., sincerely sighed. Recently, Hunan high-speed railway professional technology... [details]

salemo released lowara e-ixp end suction pump new product ()

pump friend circle () news. Salemo, a leading water technology company committed to solving the world's most challenging water problems, perfectly integrates standards and innovation, and launched the new lowara e-ixp iso5199 industrial end suction pump! This industrial end suction pump, adhering to the century old technology of Salem... [details]

Pang Xingjian of Schneider Electric: stimulate more vitality of the digital economy with "openness ()

as a multinational enterprise rooted in the Chinese market for more than 30 years, Schneider Electric actively promoted the integration of the digital economy and the real economy in the industrial field, and released a new automation system - ecostruxuretm open automation platform at the end of 2020, Realize different hardware through software and hardware decoupling,... [details]

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