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the 2021 marketing work market of Oriental pump is relatively active compared with the external market. The conference was held successfully ()

from February 20 to 22, the 2021 annual marketing work conference of Oriental pump group was held ceremoniously. Due to the need of epidemic prevention and control, the meeting was held by video. The group headquarters set up the main venue, and each branch set up sub venues. The national marketing colleagues gathered together through the "network" to summarize the past, exhibition... [details]

the fifth five year plan pump industry held the 2021 annual work conference and the second fourth workers' Congress ()

on February 22, Xiangyang five year plan Pump Industry Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "pump company") held the 2021 annual work conference and the second fourth employee congress. Wang Naihua, general manager, conveyed and learned the spirit of the annual work conference of the group company, Beihua Research Institute Group and Beihua Co., Ltd, And made the "transformation and upgrading... [details]

Chongqing water pump marketing department held the 2021 mobilization meeting ()

in order to fully deploy the work of the marketing department in 2021 and ensure the completion of the annual business goals issued by the company. On the morning of February 26, Chongqing water pump company held the 2021 mobilization meeting of the marketing department in the report hall. Li Fangzhong, secretary and chairman of the Party committee of the company, Peng Zhong, deputy secretary of the Party committee and general manager, quality and marketing... [details]

improve the ability of independent innovation. Shanghai Hongdong Pump Co., Ltd. is on the counter attack road of developing plastic pumps ()

"independent research and development" has become a hot topic in all industries in the industrial field, whether it is responding to "made in China", or public media comments, or enterprise publicity. 10. Other views: the strategic objectives and future development prospects of being alert and paying close attention to details, "independent research and development" has been popular in all industries [details]

at the beginning of the Spring Festival, Zhuzhou Southern valve production was busy ()

at the beginning of the Spring Festival, Zhuzhou Southern valve resumed production in an orderly manner and was busy with production and orders under the premise of doing a good job in the prevention and control of COVID-19, so as to welcome the beginning of the Spring Festival. In the production workshop of Zhuzhou South Valve Co., Ltd., Liao Xiaozheng of the small car class was busy making the slow closing valve sleeve. Due to the lack of orders for water systems at home and abroad... [details]

Jiangxi Shangyang Pump Co., Ltd. is busy in production after the holiday ()

Jiangxi Shangyang Pump Co., Ltd. is an enterprise mainly engaged in the production and sales of water pumps, the manufacture of complete sets of water supply and drainage equipment, and the plan proposes that Fushun Petrochemical Company is one of the key enterprises relying on the development of raw material industry, focusing on the installation and maintenance of electromechanical equipment. Spring ploughing and preparation after the festival usher in the peak season of agricultural pump demand. Due to the competition between domestically produced machines and imported machines in Jiangxi, foreign pump company is speeding up the resumption of production. On February 23, I came to Shangyang pump, only... [details]

Kaiquan pump 2021 Spring Festival work video conference was successfully held ()

on the afternoon of February 19, Shanghai Kaiquan group 2021 Spring Festival work video conference was successfully held. More than 30 people, including the president, vice president, general manager and deputy general manager of the business division, regional, factory director and director of the group, attended the on-site meeting. The chief and deputy general managers of the group's branches, the chief and deputy factory directors of foreign branches, department heads and... [details]

the new pressure controller can ensure the stable pressure conditions inside the metering tank ()

recently, Burke Tek fluid control system company developed a new gas pressure controller. It ensures the stable pressure conditions inside the metering tank, so that even the minimum metering can achieve high accuracy. Therefore, fluid mechanics experts can provide unified system components in order to come from a single... [details]

innovative measures and pay attention to actual results: Fangyuan testing group explores a new path of quality management ()

in order to consolidate the quality foundation, lay a solid foundation for development, effectively improve the quality awareness of all staff, and ensure the scientificity, accuracy and impartiality of inspection and testing data, Fangyuan testing group has carried out a top-down On February 23, the Jiaoye HF well in Fuling shale gas field, which was drilled by Jianghan Petroleum Engineering Drilling Company 2, successfully completed drilling, with a drilling depth of 5724 meters and a horizontal section of 2235 meters, setting the longest application record of water-based drilling fluid in the horizontal section of China's onshore shale gas well. In order to better protect gas reservoirs and improve exploration and development... [details]

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