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PFA vacuum launched a new diaphragm pump MVP C DC ()

recently, PFA vacuum launched a diaphragm pump MVP C DC resistant to corrosive gases. This is a completely oil-free vacuum pump, which is suitable for many applications requiring clean and dry vacuum, such as laboratories, analytical instruments, leakage detection and scientific research. The new diaphragm pump is equipped with a gas ballast valve,... [details]

Kaiquan pump industry helps achieve the peak carbon neutralization goal with intelligent manufacturing ()

heating is the world's largest end energy consumption field. Under the background of achieving the peak carbon neutralization goal, how to improve energy efficiency in the heating industry has attracted much attention. In the application of the heating industry, the electric energy consumption of water pumps accounts for a large proportion, and in the heating water system, it is responsible for transmission and regulation... [details]

Zhejiang energy regulatory office guides the work of extending the service life of the country's first nuclear power unit ()

recently, Zhejiang energy regulatory office extended the service life of 300000 kW units of Qinshan nuclear power, Take the initiative to connect the key statistical enterprises with the relevant departments of Qinshan nuclear power plant to achieve a profit of 30.4 billion yuan in 2014, and guide the service enterprises to handle matters related to the renewal application of power business license. It is reported that Qinshan nuclear power 3. The connection head of the calibration device connected with the steel wire rope is not standardized and broken. It is estimated that unit 1 is the first self-designed unit in China... [details]

the "two chemical" relocation and reconstruction project of Tianjin Bohai chemical industry is expected to be put into operation by the end of the year ()

according to the press conference of Tianjin Economic Development Zone in June, the relocation and reconstruction project of Tianjin Bohai Chemical Industry and chemical industry, which is settled in Tianjin Nangang Industrial Zone, is being actively promoted. At present, the project has entered the final stage of construction. It is expected to achieve full interim delivery in August and put into full operation by the end of the year [details]

description of the performance characteristics of the most belt tensioner in China ()

on June 4, the No. 1 unit of Jilin Dunhua pumped storage power station, the highest head pumped storage power station in China, was put into operation for power generation, 26 days ahead of the original plan. Jilin Dunhua pumped storage power station is located in the north of Dunhua City, Jilin Province, with a maximum lift of 712 meters. It is the first 700 meter high water level in China... [details]

Wudongde 12 unit has entered 72 hour trial operation ()

recently, Wudongde 12 unit has completed all related tests, and officially entered 72 hour trial operation after being ordered by the General Dispatching of southern power, and the countdown to its production and power generation has entered. 72 hour trial operation is the last procedure before the unit officially enters commercial operation, which is the manufacturing, installation and commissioning of electromechanical equipment... [details]

the first domestic carbon emission accurate measurement system is settled in Jiangsu Xinhai power generation company ()

recently, the first domestic carbon emission accurate measurement system in the power industry was officially launched in Jiangsu Xinhai Power Generation Co., Ltd. The system can accurately measure the carbon dioxide emissions of thermal power generation and realize the real-time monitoring of carbon emissions. Carbon emission accounting is to accurately grasp the change trend of carbon emissions and effectively open... [details]

the construction project of Longkou mud station undertaken by Hefei General Machinery Research Institute passed the acceptance ()

on June 3, CNOOC Oilfield Services Co., Ltd. (CNOOC oilfield services) organized experts in Longkou to accept the oil delivery valve and oil return pipe of the construction project of Longkou mud station undertaken by our institute

the acceptance expert group conducted on-site inspection from the aspects of quality, safety, environmental protection, technology, etc., and unanimously agreed that the project passed the acceptance [details]

the first domestic "multi pollutant integrated control device" has been successfully put into operation ()

recently, the first domestic multi pollutant integrated control device developed by the research and engineering demonstration of integrated control technology of pollutants (SO2, NOx, PM) in coal-fired boilers, a national key research and development program led by China energy conservation and environmental protection group industrial energy conservation company, has been successfully put into operation... [details]

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