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Puqiang information appeared in 2016 CES Asia with the car voice assistant "who knows you best". From May 11 to 13, puqiang information, as a leading provider of intelligent voice technology solutions in China, participated in 2016 CES Asia together with the new collection of 4D pictures. During this period, puqiang information was independent. The coatings adopted in these places were generally used outdoors, and puqiang car voice assistant was independently developed. It has attracted many customers to stop and experience on site. As an intelligent voice high-tech product that has attracted much attention in the era of artificial intelligence, puqiang car voice assistant provides a better interactive experience for car travel, which has attracted much attention at the exhibition

Consumer Electronics Asia 2016 (once the c-board card is damaged, you can only buy es Asia 2016 again). The organizer is the American consumer Technology Association (CTA), which revealed that this exhibition includes four exhibition halls n1-n4 of Shanghai International Exhibition Center, with a total exhibition area of 32000 square meters, making it the largest consumer electronics exhibition in Asia

full range voice, wind noise resistance, and understanding

puqiang car voice assistant has the functions of location search, road navigation, road condition query, surrounding query, vehicle control, etc. Let the driver release his hands during driving, take off the screen all the way, and fully enjoy the fun of driving. Even in a very noisy environment, it can effectively overcome noise interference and give you the most expected response. Because it has an array microphone, which can be flexibly placed and dynamically locate sound. In view of the interior noise and wind noise, a professional vehicle noise reduction DSP chip is designed to effectively improve the speech recognition rate. Not only can you hear clearly, but also understand better

advantages of puqiang car voice assistant

full process off screen: cooperate with the square control key and voice wake-up, and complete the whole set of human-computer interaction scheme by using voice recognition, semantic understanding, voice broadcast and other technologies, so as to realize the full process voice control during driving and ensure driving safety; Natural interaction: on the one hand, due to the shear heating of the plastic melt, the melt temperature is increased and the activity resistance is reduced; On the other hand, when the melt temperature is still high and the activity resistance is small, it can also enter the pressure maintaining and feeding stage earlier. With semantic understanding technology, the instructions support the fuzzy matching function, bid farewell to the mechanized fixed instructions, and the interaction is more natural; Deep Customization: it has customized and adaptive training tools, and has the fastest demand response speed. For users: Customize wake-up words, customize personalized instructions, and others; Personalization: after the master is connected to Bluetooth, it will automatically adapt to the owner's local music list, address book and other personalized information, and generate the corresponding personalized model locally to truly realize private customization

NavInfo this exhibition further consolidated its layout in the whole industry chain of car service and will intensify efforts in the automotive aftermarket. Puqiang information and NavInfo participated together this time. At the same time, it also further strengthened the cooperation between the two sides and vigorously entered the vehicle market

about puqiang information

puqiang information technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. was established in Silicon Valley in 2009 and a Chinese operating company was established in Zhongguancun, Beijing in 2010. With intelligent speech recognition, speech analysis and natural language processing as the core technologies, what kind of future car do you imagine? It is a technology-based company for Chinese based intelligent voice and language core technologies, software products, solutions, and cloud platform services. The company's three major products include a thousand language speech recognition engine, a thousand language thousand search speech analysis system, and a puqiang car voice assistant; Two major solutions include: puqiang customer interaction data analysis solution; Puqiang's vehicle intelligent voice interaction solutions are mainly for operators, finance, insurance, car couplets, mobile Internet, education, public utilities and many other fields; Existing customers include Chinatelecom, China Mobile and China Unicom; Four dimensional tuxin, China Merchants SINOSURE, China Netherlands life insurance, Lenovo, KuWo music, Jinghan education, Zhongtai, BAIC and other well-known enterprises, puqiang is committed to providing competitive intelligent voice solutions and big data services for enterprises, and continues to create maximum value for customers

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