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Pupils sued KFC for saying that the words used in food packaging contained derogatory meanings

and believed that the store owner used derogatory words on the packaging box, which damaged the personal dignity of consumers. Sophomores and freshmen took the store owner to court. On August 13, after court mediation, there was no result. The case will be heard on another day. At noon on May 25, grade one students Xiaohan and Xiaozhe (a pseudonym) made an appointment with their mothers to have dinner at KFC people's Middle Road store. Because the store launched a new product qixiabao and a series of products, they asked for three copies out of curiosity and taste psychology, costing a total of about 150 yuan. After eating, Xiaohan and Xiaozhe studied the pictures and descriptions on the packaging box. Because they didn't know the words "rare delicacy" and "gluttonous enjoyment", they asked their mothers, As a result, the two mothers did not know each other. With doubts, the two people turned to the Xinhua dictionary after they came home and learned that the two words read Taotie, which means a ferocious beast in ancient legends in Chinese. The shape of his head was carved on ancient bronze ware for decoration, which compares 1. Ferocious people, 2. Greedy people

after learning the meaning of the dictionary, Xiao Han, Xiao Zhe and their guardians feel insulted. The main operation of the friction and wear experiment should pay attention to the fact that KFC stores deliberately use harsh Chinese characters after starting up. There are obviously inappropriate metaphors and descriptions that insult consumers' personality in the publicity design of qixiabao products, and their exaggerated expressions and metaphors are not the embodiment of goodwill and culture, It brought great unhappiness and humiliation to their psychology, and believed that the behavior of the KFC store had seriously violated their personal rights, so they filed a lawsuit with the Qindu District People's court in the afternoon of the same day (May 25), asking the KFC store in the middle of Renmin Road to compensate them. B. requirements for fixture materials: apologize and compensate for mental losses

Xiao Han and Xiao Zhe's agents (their mothers) after consulting a large number of materials, believed that Taotie was a mythical beast in ancient Chinese legends. Its biggest feature was that it could eat. It was an imaginary mysterious monster. The manual decolorization degree tester. This monster had no body because it could eat too much and ate its own body. It only had a big head and a big mouth. What it saw was what it ate. Because it ate too much, it was finally supported to death, It is a symbol of greed, often used to describe greedy or greedy people. They also believe that in Cihai and literature, there is only the usage of the idiom "gluttonous meal", not the idiom and usage of "gluttonous enjoyment". Gluttonous enjoyment is the creativity and word creation of KFC stores. Among the eight words of enjoying the parts of Qizhen delicious food and Taotie engine, the first four words describe the food, and the last four words describe the people who enjoy the food, because only people enjoy it, it can't be food, and Taotie is an image depiction of the people who enjoy the food, and this is the original meaning of the word, that is, greedy people, vicious people, comparing the dining consumers to greedy, greedy Ferocious people are obviously a kind of damage to the image of the consumer group. Therefore, they will feel that their personality will be insulted and their dignity will be damaged. The advertising of KFC stores directly violates the personal rights of consumers

Xiao Han and Xiao Zhe's agents told that KFC admitted that the product packaging was theirs, but believed that the word was not derogatory, a commonly used word, not an astringent word, and did not infringe the personality rights of consumers. Qindu District Court had accepted the case. Yesterday, both parties agreed to the court to mediate, but after a afternoon of mediation, there was no result, and the court will hold a hearing later this month

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