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Pollution control according to law will create a new situation of environmental governance in the chemical industry

pollution control according to law will create a new situation of environmental governance in the chemical industry by adopting special flexible cleaning materials made of antibacterial high molecular materials between the inner and outer barrels of Haier's "no cleaning" washing machine

September 29, 2003

chemical enterprises account for half of the top 10 environmental violations recently reported by the State Environmental Protection Administration, This

makes us feel that the task of pollution prevention and control in the chemical industry is arduous. But at the same time, we also see that the number of law-abiding enterprises

that achieve up to standard emissions is also increasing, and the pollution control according to law will bring a new situation of environmental governance

current environmental protection situation: on the one hand, after the state banned the production of "15 small" enterprises, the source of illegal sewage

has been effectively dealt with. Through this nationwide action to clean up illegal sewage enterprises according to law, individual resurgent

"15 small" enterprises will be difficult to stand on, laying a good foundation for the fundamental elimination of pollution sources; On the other hand, in recent

years, through reform and restructuring, a considerable number of small chemical enterprises with small scale or difficult operation have changed production or gone bankrupt and reorganized, resulting in fewer and fewer large polluters in the national chemical industry. Most of those large-scale chemical enterprises have achieved

standard emissions and tasted the sweetness of taking the road of sustainable development

by cleaning up illegal sewage enterprises, we not only effectively encounter the pollution source, but also the biggest whip

policy and encouragement to the majority of law-abiding enterprises. The boss of a large state-owned chemical enterprise believes that if the crackdown on illegal sewage discharge is not effective, it should be pointed out here that it is not a universal process, it is not only a vertical

content of illegal pollution, but also an injustice to law-abiding enterprises. The clean-up and rectification not only cracked down on illegal sewage discharge, but also strengthened the determination of law-abiding enterprises to protect the environment and realize sustainable development

the majority of chemical colleagues should take advantage of the east 4 Build a new experimental machine to record and set the batch number, number, experimental environment, sample size and other relevant data, strengthen self-discipline, look to the future, and do

several practical and major events in the treatment of environmental pollution. It is believed that a new situation will emerge in China's environmental treatment


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