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Jumping into the "blue ocean" of the glass industry, Cao Tianping, chairman of China Yaohua Glass Group Company, interviewed Cao Tianping, chairman of China Yaohua Glass Group Company (the leading major shareholder of Yaohua Glass) on a drizzly morning

"Looking back on 2005, due to the strengthening of macro-control by the state and the rapid increase of domestic production capacity, the supply of glass market exceeded the demand, the glass price fluctuated greatly, and continued to fall to grasp the starting point of rising waves. Now the list of positions at the bottom of the institution is listed.

the through train in the foreign exchange market has no need to earn, but only a stable profit. At the same time, the prices of raw materials such as heavy oil, coal, electricity and so on soared, and the national glass industry entered the fourth trough. Some figures can explain the problem. 2 In 2005, the demand was 300million weight boxes, while the supply reached 3. 700 million weight boxes. " Cao Tianping told that in order to survive and develop, enterprises must change their product structure from low-end to high-end. That is to say, we should move from "red ocean" to "blue ocean"

at present, there are 7 float glass production lines in listed companies (i.e. Yaohua Glass), including 5 in Qinhuangdao and 2 in Shenyang. The production capacity reached 18million weight boxes, ranking first among the listed companies in the two cities. In the face of difficulties, Yaohua Glass has formulated three strategies

take the lead and actively introduce strategic investors with important influence at home and abroad. Accelerate the integration of group assets and complete enterprise restructuring. "At present, 2 or 3 strategic investors have expressed great interest in the joint-stock company, and then recorded the damage load value and the fracture location of the lower edge of the test piece. Main technical parameters, maximum load: accuracy level: Level 1, force measuring range: the main structure of the digital bending and compression testing machine is mainly composed of support, hydraulic arrangement box, instrument force measurement display, and electrical system." Cao Tianping said

second, accelerate the implementation of innovation strategies. These include: business innovation, core technology innovation and management mechanism innovation. When it comes to technological innovation, Cao Tianping is overjoyed

he introduced that after several years of hard work by the group's researchers, Yaohua Glass has become the only enterprise in Asia that has mastered Low-E glass technology. This year, a production scale of 1.5 million square meters will be formed, and next year, it will reach a scale of 3million square meters. The technology with independent intellectual property rights also won the second prize of the national science and technology progress award on January 9

and the self-cleaning glass produced by nanotechnology has already formed a large-scale production capacity. Cao Tianping said, "the performance of the products tested by the national building materials testing center has reached the level of similar products of the British Pilkington company, making Yaohua the third company in the world that can produce self-cleaning glass after Pilkington and Saint Gobain in France."

self cleaning glass is a high-tech functional glass that is directly coated with a layer of titanium dioxide nano film on the surface of the glass in the production process of float glass, so that the glass has the function of self-cleaning by using sunlight and natural scouring of rainwater. The project belongs to the National 863 program. This kind of glass has a wide range of applications and can be widely used in curtain walls, window glasses and automobile glasses of high-rise buildings. The product has a broad market prospect

in addition, in view of the heavy oil cost problem that plagues the glass industry, Yaohua Glass's "oil to coal" technology is being developed and entered the "government green color purchase list" of the Ministry of finance, which has achieved phased results and is expected to form a major breakthrough by the end of the year

"continuous technological innovation will be a strong guarantee for the company to get rid of the 'red ocean' and drive to the 'blue ocean'." Chairman Cao Tianping said so

third, the "four span" strategy. That is, cross regional, transnational, cross category and cross ownership strategies. Speaking of transnational strategy, Cao Tianping was very excited: "The cost advantage of establishing overseas bases in Russia, the Middle East, North Africa and other oil-rich regions is very attractive, and whether it is appropriate to aid in the construction of C) motors; the North Korean project has also accumulated valuable experience and technology for the company's overseas plant construction. In the next step, the company will resolutely implement the" going out "strategy. Moreover, now is also the time.

at present, Yaohua faces two historic opportunities: first, the introduction of strategic investment The work of the company will be completed within the year, when China Yaohua Glass Group Company will give up the position of leading major shareholder; 2、 The relocation of the company will be completed next year. By then, the land differential income will reach more than one billion yuan. Taking advantage of this opportunity, Yaohua will also usher in a new round of development. "

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