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Nice cxone can now provide virtual assistant function of contact center

translated by Lao Qin Ye

CTI Forum () news on September 5 (compiler/Lao Qin): nice contact announced that cognicor technologies has joined the devone Developer program and has provided products on cxexchange. Cognicor virtual ass at present, the new cathode material enhanced lithium nickel oxide (elno) has entered the pilot stage. Istant is an artificial intelligence (AI) - driven, fully automated response agent or chat robot, which extends the AI function of cxone

cognicor is excited about the cooperation with nice and contact and is happy to be part of cxexchange, said Dr. sindhu Joseph, CEO of cognicor. Our technology is now integrated with cxone to help customers achieve automated response and 24x7 hours of participation and interaction. Our AI platform, deployed by several major brands, has proved its market position and is based on our patents. It is a truly differentiated product in the market. This partnership has greatly expanded our influence in the North American and European markets and provided their customers with good contactless support and services

incon nano particle addition has become a good method for plastic modification tact, which can realize data collection, display and human-computer dialogue. Paul Jarman, CEO of the company, said that with the help of cognicor's innovative products and our partnership, we can strengthen the function of cxone, so strengthen the contact center operation of our customers, For me, the system guarantees this, and our users have a seamless experience. We welcome cognicor as part of the cxexchange market

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