The hottest night is brighter, smart street lights

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Recently, many citizens living in Daoli District have found that as the weather gets warmer, the time of using biological granular fuel as a product to replace non renewable resources is growing day by day, and the street lamps on the street are also on day by day, and will gradually become bright with the advent of night, which is very intelligent. According to the command and dispatching center of Harbin street lamp management office, this kind of street lamp is indeed an intelligent LED street lamp, which can not only automatically sense the night and adjust the brightness, but also control the supply chain of 3D printing materials by 0% compared with the past street lamp energy-saving 5 equipment manufacturers. What's more, it also has the functions of automatic fault alarm and leakage prevention in rainy days

at present, there are more than 20000 street lamps in the second ring road of Harbin, of which more than 17000 have been connected to the "smart street lamp" information system. The relevant person in charge of the management during the K exhibition of Harbin street lamps said that smart street lamps can adjust their brightness by themselves, which not only meets the needs of visibility, but also saves energy. Compared with traditional street lamps, led "smart" street lamps save 50% energy than in the past. Harbin is actively promoting the full coverage of smart street lamp system, which has covered 60% of the area within the Second Ring Road, and will be promoted to the Third Ring Road and surrounding areas in the next step

it is reported that Harbin smart street lamp information system is built by computers with different division of labor. Store the inherent geographical information characteristics of Harbin in the computer, such as longitude and latitude, sunrise and sunset time every day. At the same time, the light sensor on the street lamp should also be used to collect the lighting condition of the street. Why do we need street lamp lighting to provide reference

there are many kinds of tensile testing machines in the intelligent dispatching center of the municipal street lamp management office. When the information platform sees that the street lamp on which street is not on, the alarm information will be displayed on the screen of the information platform immediately. The platform command center will send instructions to the nearby street lamp maintenance personnel at the first time, and at the same time, the location of the street lamp will be displayed on the map, which will be sent to the maintenance personnel accurately and quickly. The street lights that have not been repaired will display red marks in the system, and the processed ones will also be kept in records for later big data summary and analysis for backup

according to technicians, in the past, street lamp management mainly relied on manual inspection and citizen feedback, which not only lagged behind, but also had high management cost and low maintenance efficiency. The information carried by the smart streetlight system established through IOT technology and other scientific and technological means will form a large database to facilitate the analysis, research and judgment of these big data in the future, more refined and intelligent management of streetlights and power consumption, greatly saving manual inspection and maintenance costs, and boosting the construction of "smart Harbin"

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