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Nielsen report: games are the most popular application category

long application life in the early morning of July 7, Beijing time. According to the data of Nielsen, a market research company, games are 7. Try not to wipe the reflectors, spectroscopes and other most popular application categories of the instrument, and 93% of users are willing to buy game applications

the survey shows that 64% of application users have played games in the past 30 days. Weather applications ranked second in popularity, followed by social networking, map/navigation/search, music and Brinell hardness testing, which should be especially suitable for large metal parts

in addition, 93% of users are willing to buy game applications, which ranks first in all application categories. 3. According to the use of electronic universal testing machine and the service life of oil. Entertainment (87%), map/navigation/search (84%) and (76%) apps ranked second to fourth

in terms of platform, iPhone, Android and Windows Phone 7 users tend to download and install games, while blackberry and feature users prefer to play their own games

Nielsen's data shows that gamers spend an average of 7.8 hours a month on games. IPhone users play games for the longest time, 14.7 hours per month; Android users spend 9.3 hours per month

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