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Chairman Meng met with leaders of Shanghai Libo on the morning of April 21, chairman Meng Lingyan met with Wang Xinqiang, general manager of Shanghai Libo Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd., xuhaihong, deputy general manager and Qin Zhaohong

general manager Wang Xinqiang introduced the original intention of establishing "Shanghai Libo Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd." he has worked in the daily-use glass industry for more than 30 years, and has personal experience in state-owned, foreign-funded and private enterprises. Especially when he visited similar foreign enterprises, he saw the gap between Chinese and foreign enterprises in the development process, and was deeply touched. He had a fire in his heart, and wanted to contribute to the health and development of China's daily-use glass industry in his lifetime Continue to develop and make efforts. At present, China's daily-use glass industry is in the best period of historical development and reform. How to effectively realize the transformation, upgrading and innovative development of enterprises under the new normal of China's economy. After careful consideration and discussion with like-minded colleagues, we decided to establish a platform that can provide professional technical services, management improvement consulting and special training services for industry enterprises, and jointly set up a consulting company. The company will deeply focus on the daily-use glass industry, focus on the integration of industry resources, and provide services for the transformation, upgrading and innovative development of industry enterprises

the company's technical service module mainly provides industrial enterprises with on-site technical support for experimental machines that can be classified as measuring mechanical properties, including the planning and on-site guidance of new projects, quickly solving practical problems of technical bottlenecks, and introducing advanced processes and technologies at home and abroad to support the long-term business development of enterprises. Guided by the creation of customer value, the management improvement consulting module fully integrates the yin-yang balance principle of traditional culture, the ideological essence of modern business model, the thinking and methods of lean production, and the successful experience of local benchmark enterprises. Practical experts guide enterprises on the spot and establish their own organizational growth system to provide strong systematic support for the growth of core profits of enterprises. The special training is mainly aimed at the current situation and highlights of enterprise capabilities, and forms a training alliance with industry institutions, schools, related enterprises and senior professionals. It operates in three ways: industry lecture hall, enterprise small class and learning. It analyzes specific needs, customizes training solutions, precipitates industry wisdom and inherits the essence of the industry. The main vision and philosophy are:

1. Libo mission: to promote the transformation, upgrading and innovative development of the daily-use glass industry

2. Libo vision: to become a leader in technical services and management consulting in the daily-use glass industry

3. Business philosophy of Libo:

focus on business: focus on the daily-use glass industry without distractions

integrity management: treat people sincerely and move people with faith

precise operation: customers are different, grasp the core needs and meet them

value management: create value for customers, employees, partners and shareholders

4. Libo core values

actual combat - representatives provide practice tested and systematic knowledge system and method tools

practical work represents our down-to-earth dedication and dedicated service

effectiveness - represents that we sincerely help customers solve technical and management system problems, improve organizational ability and create practical value

general manager Wang said that the main founder of the company visited the association in the hope that the association would give guidance to the company's development direction, policies, work ideas, working methods and entry points, and hope that the company would give support and help in its future work

chairman Meng congratulated the establishment of Libo consulting company, welcomed the collective leadership of the company to visit the association, and sincerely thanked the leaders of the company for their high trust in the association. Some ideas on relevant matters are also discussed for reference

I. The daily-use glass industry is still in the period of development and transformation. In the process of transformation, upgrading and innovative development, there are momentum, pressure, hot spots and difficulties. In particular, the major environmental protection problems faced by the industry at present should be kept in a clear understanding, as well as technological progress, scientific management, talent shortage, etc. new ideas, new thinking and new ways should be used to take strong measures to solve the bottleneck problems of industry development. The establishment of Libo consulting company shows that the founders are full of confidence in the development of the industry

second, the scientific development of the industry requires scientific talents and scientific and technological teams, including professional consulting teams who love and are familiar with the industry. As the main founder of Libo consulting company, he has experienced in the industry for 38 years, has feelings, enthusiasm, ideas, professional skills, and has a wide range of social resources. As long as the direction is right, the amount of coal capacity reduction in 2017 is still likely to be between 150million and 200million tons, the method is right, and the measures are in place, he will certainly do a good job of SAMPE Beijing Branch and do a good job. Hope Libo consulting company can gather industry and social forces to diagnose the pulse for the healthy development of industry enterprises

III. hope for Libo consulting company

the tensile performance. 1. The service object should be clear. It should be oriented to industries, enterprises, associations, governments, society and the world. At the initial stage, the company should grasp the opportunity to borrow rice to cook, chicken to lay eggs, ladder to climb, and ship to sea, and use the actual effect to expand its influence, improve its popularity, increase its attraction, enhance its reputation, enhance its cohesion, and create loyalty. If there is a problem, Libo should not only help, but also awesome

2. The service concept should be extended. Service is the purpose and benefit is in it. The service should be timely and up to standard. Discuss heroes with effect and benefit. Put down your airs and provide considerate service. After a long time of seeing people's hearts, flowers and butterflies come naturally

3. Service methods should be flexible. No matter how big or small, treat each other sincerely, organically combine the historical tradition with the modern and western, skillfully graft, follow the trend, take advantage of the situation, win by surprise, and create their own operation mode

4. Constantly strengthen ideological, organizational and institutional construction. We should constantly learn and be familiar with the application of relevant national policies, laws and regulations on industry development. Gradually implement the modernization, informatization and digital management of the company

5. Basic goal assumption: I hope the company can become an expert in professional technology; Effective integration of resources is an expert; Directional training is a master; Management consulting is the flag bearer; Operators who promote cultural construction; It is a good assistant for the work of the association and a good helper for the self-improvement of enterprises. Continuously improve the popularity, reputation and loyalty of the enterprise

the company will encounter many difficulties in its initial operation. As long as it is a member of the association, the association has the obligation to give support and help. It is hoped that Shanghai Libo company, under the leadership of President Wang, will clarify the general direction, find a good entry point, and strive for success

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