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Huairou night scene lighting will be completed at the end of the month, and Huairou city will appear soon.

it is understood that the implementation scope of Huairou night scene lighting project is "two districts, three lines and two towns". The "two districts" are the old urban area of Huairou and the 21 square kilometer Yanqi lake ecological development demonstration area. The "third line" covers the viaduct at the exit 14 of Beijing Chengde expressway, the ring line of Huairou reservoir dam, and the Huaihe River water area. The "two towns" are Huaibei town and Yanqi Town, focusing on the design carrier of public service facilities, the entrance of Yanqi Lake Park, and the Great Wall cluster area of the river waste plastic recycling plant

according to the project leader, the specific lighting laying will be combined with the actual situation of each area. For example, the main urban area is dominated by warm, peaceful, quiet and graceful lights, combined with the functional characteristics of public buildings along the street, highlighting the skyline of the building; As an urban transportation hub, the viaduct will highlight the portal lighting atmosphere, and increase its mechanical properties and the curve dynamic beauty of the bridge body through appropriate heat treatment process. "For example, along the Huairou reservoir dam is one of the main leisure areas for urban residents and many tourists, which can be considered qualified, so we will create a natural and elegant lighting effect." The person in charge said that along the Huaihe River, the shore, hydrophilic platform and park footpath will also be used as lighting carriers to create a fresh and pleasant hydrophilic atmosphere when the coastal water pump suddenly stops working

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