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Take a night tour of the Pearl River by drone? Guangzhou is really good at playing

in the 1980s, Guangzhou opened the first music teahouse and the first light night market in China

before big stalls and karaoke spread all over the country,

first of all, make Guangzhou lively at night

nowadays, Guangzhou Light Festival, light show,

24-hour bookstores and night museums are on the rise.

night consumption in Guangzhou has always been in the forefront of the country,

night economy in Guangzhou has also been upgrading

at the Guangzhou night economy press conference and Guangzhou night economy story conference held on the evening of August 22, relevant government departments including the Guangzhou Municipal Development and Reform Commission, the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce, the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of culture, radio, television and tourism, and Guangzhou's major business districts, scenic spots, theatres, etc. jointly announced that they would make efforts to light up Guangzhou's night economy. It is worth mentioning that it was learned from the press conference that technically, Guangzhou has been able to realize the night tour of the Pearl River in the air, and citizens can try to take a manned flight in an autonomous aircraft to have a unique night tour of the Pearl River

Guangzhou night economy press conference and Guangzhou night economy story meeting

night story meeting time

let's talk about the night in Guangzhou:

Guangzhou tower shows the words of Guangzhou night economy story meeting tonight

Municipal Development and Reform Commission: build 30 night economic agglomeration areas and create Guangzhou night brand

Zhou Qingfeng, member of the Party group and deputy director of Guangzhou Development and Reform Commission, said that Guangzhou night economy started early. In 1984, Xihu road light night market opened, becoming the first light night market in China. Today, more than 30 years later, various night economic industries such as retail, catering, sports and entertainment in Guangzhou are in full bloom. Beijing Road in Yuexiu District, Shangxiajiu in Liwan District, Tianhe Road in Tianhe District, Jiangnan West in Haizhu District and Baiyun New City in Baiyun District have become highlights of the night business district. Guangzhou food is famous all over the country, forming a number of night red catering brands. Tianhe Sports Center, Ersha Island, Zhujiang New City and major business districts form a concentrated area of night culture and sports

information map, Guangzhou night view

Guangzhou recently issued and implemented the implementation plan for promoting the development of night economy in Guangzhou, striving to form 13 nationally renowned business districts and a number of high-quality cultural projects by 2022, and the number of night economic agglomeration areas in the city has reached 30, creating an internationally renowned Guangzhou night brand

data map, Beijing Road

Municipal Bureau of Commerce: 3191 24-hour convenience stores are all over the streets and alleys of Guangzhou

for Guangzhou, the fall of night is not the end of a day's life. Many data show that the city's night economy is a powerful force, and the most intuitive is the 24-hour convenience stores all over the streets and alleys. Lin Guoqiang, deputy director of the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce, revealed that as of June 2019, there were 4447 brand convenience stores in Guangzhou, of which 3191 were open 24 hours, accounting for 71%. Both the number and proportion were among the highest in the country. Guangzhou's take out orders for midnight snack are also far higher than those in other cities, accounting for about 6% of the whole day's orders. According to the data provided by first finance and economics, meituan Research Institute, etc., Guangzhou's night consumption index ranks third in the country, with sub indicators such as KTV consumption, consumption after 22 o'clock, foreign tourists, night business merchants leading the country

he introduced that in recent years, Guangzhou has built a nighttime living agglomeration area based on the business district in the central urban area, enriched and improved the functions of nighttime agglomeration areas, and guided the development of nighttime economy in commercial complexes and shopping centers. At the same time, it also relies on streets and alleys with nighttime consumption customs, closed markets, etc. In terms of promoting the development of night catering, Guangzhou has made great efforts to support a number of old Guangzhou stores and dianpinggao branches to carry out night catering red shop activities. In terms of cultivating characteristic boutique night markets, Guangfu temple fair, music festival, lighting Festival and other activities are held to activate the night consumption atmosphere and create night consumption brands. At the beginning of this month, the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of commerce also released the "Guangzhou night consumption map", which made it clear that 15 consumption clusters such as Beijing Road and Tianhe Road were the first batch of night consumption landmarks in Guangzhou, providing guidance for citizens and tourists to spend at night, and equipped with multiple types of input and communication interfaces (including 3G and WLAN). We hope to further enrich and meet the nighttime consumption needs of citizens and tourists and build a sleepless city in Dawan district by publishing nighttime consumption maps and creating nighttime consumption clusters

Municipal Bureau of culture, radio, film and Tourism: more than 10000 people visit the museum at night, and more than three adults choose to visit Guangzhou at night. Wu Qingsong, deputy director of the Municipal Bureau of culture, radio, television and tourism, said that since August 1, 2019, eight Museums, including the Guangzhou Museum, the Nanyue King Museum of the Western Han Dynasty, and the Nanyue Palace Museum, have extended their opening to 9 p.m. on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, and launched six boutique night tours to Guangzhou at the same time, It has been widely praised and warmly pursued by citizens and tourists

he introduced that since the implementation of the night opening and extended opening of the museum, eight museums open at night have had 9 night opening days, and received more than 13000 tourists at night. At the same time, museums have actively carried out various cultural and artistic activities at night, focusing on creating wonderful nights for museums, such as night classes in the new era red culture lecture hall of the agricultural teaching institute, the night of the handsome mansion, the screening of red films, and so on. In addition, since the launch of the night tour Guangzhou boutique line, all relevant travel agencies have actively planned to launch line products. From August 1 to August 21, a total of 17080 people from 570 groups have been organized to visit Guangzhou; Among them, 5900 people from 190 groups visited Guangzhou at night. In addition, 56000 people took sightseeing buses to Guangzhou at night

information map, a museum open at night

he revealed that Guangzhou also plans to carry out the red card punching activity that is necessary for the flower city tourism experience from September to March next year. Through the detonation of contacts, the general public and tourists will be attracted to actively participate in the experience of punch in, and finally the list of red punch in places that must be visited by the flower city Guangzhou tourism experience will be released. The Bureau of culture, broadcasting and tourism will realize the circular communication effect through the linkage between the scenic spots during the day, jointly create a new business card of night Guangzhou tourism with the business district at night, create a complementary travel mode of day and night in Guangzhou, and stimulate the economic consumption at night

these uses and characteristics of the upgraded lifting belt also determine that its safety must be higher. Night economy blooms. This is the place where Guangzhou nightlife clocks in.

whether it's an opera trip to the Guangzhou Grand Theater after work,

or a drink to pamin on the Bank of the Pearl River,

or watching the Guangzhou tower at night and enjoying the Guangzhou Light Festival

have become the night fashion of Guangzhou at present

in the future, Guangzhou Pearl River night tour may not only take a cruise ship, but also fly to the Pearl River night tour in the air. At the Guangzhou night economic story fair, representatives of guangbai, Chimelong, Zhujiang Beer, Zhengjia, Grand Theater, Yihang and other enterprises introduced the rich night activities provided for citizens and tourists in their respective fields

xuhuaxiang, Chief Strategic Officer of Yihang intelligence, revealed in the sharing that Yihang UAV will promote scientific and technological innovation, participate in night consumption, and help create an upgraded version of the urban night economy. Recently, the Guangzhou municipal government has reached a strategic cooperation with billion Airlines intelligence, and Guangzhou has become the world's first pilot city of air traffic for billion airlines. He introduced that technically, the night tour of the Pearl River in the air can be realized. Citizens can try to take the Yihang 184 series self piloted aircraft to fly to a unique night tour of the Pearl River: at the dawn of the lights, in the bright lights of the city, take a flying shuttle through the air to see the flowing City feast

citizens can take a manned flight in an autonomous aircraft to a unique night tour of the Pearl River, where the proportion of high-strength steel for the body has reached 60%

Liu Haoyu, assistant to the president of Chimelong group and general manager of the development department, told their secret to keep tourists in Chimelong overnight. Liu Haoyu said that the night revenue of Chimelong happy world night show, Xingguang night show and water park accounted for 32% of the total revenue of the park. In order to retain tourists at night, Chimelong launched a classic route of watching animals during the day, watching circus at night and staying in animal theme hotel at night. Next, Chimelong will also open the night animal space, increase nocturnal animals, and let more tourists choose to visit the park at night

we will let citizens really experience immersive night tours. Yu Ping, vice president of Zhengjia group, said that during the summer vacation, Zhengjia Polar Aquarium and Zhengjia Museum took advantage of the situation to launch night sleepover activities, providing children with a novel night tour experience of observing marine life at night, and promoting Zhengjia to become an important punch in place for night life in Guangzhou

Chen Qiang, deputy general manager of urban investment group, said that as of August this year, the number of people climbing the Guangzhou tower, a popular urban landmark, had reached 1.6 million, an increase of 5% over last year. The Pearl River night tourist flow also increased by 51% over the same period last year. In Haixinsha, 32 concerts and large-scale activities have been held so far this year, especially 6 concerts, each of which is full. It can be seen that Guangzhou's night cultural tourism economy is developing very rapidly

Guangzhou all media text: Shen Hui, Fang Qing

Guangzhou all media picture: Luo Changwei

caption: Guangzhou all media picture taken by Su Junjie

Guangzhou all media: Chen Yashi

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