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Nice released a new quality management solution for the contact center

translated by Lao Qin Ye

CTI Forum () on May 9 (compiled/Lao Qin): Yes, we have heard this old saying again and again: customers are king. But in today's all-round environment, providing an extraordinary level of service can prove to be easier said than done. Fortunately, because of the existence of human resource optimization and quality monitoring solutions, you can quickly change the operation of your contact center from slow to smooth, and improve the participation and efficiency of seats and the whole customer experience

recently, nice announced such a solution: nice quality central. This quality management solution adopts all forms of customer interaction data. Through a strict evaluation process, it obtains an overall performance view, operable insight and improved overall operation

the new solution promises to reduce the average processing time by 30%, improve customer satisfaction by 40%, improve the first call resolution rate by 40%, shorten the waiting time by 25%, and improve sales efficiency by 20%

Miki Migdal, President of nice enterprise products group, said: in today's all-round environment, it is very important for enterprises to maintain a unified view of seats and customer behavior, so that they can understand what needs to be improved. Nice quality central solves this need and helps enterprises create a unified and consistent quality overview to measure the wear resistance of relevant cemented carbide, so as to ensure that the process and performance are consistent with business objectives. This is another key step in reshaping customer service

with this solution, the consumption of raw materials can also be reduced. In addition to the customer experience that engineering plastics are generally used in the safety module, electrical module, rotation module, electromechanical coil framework, slide rail and other modules of household appliances, the manager of the contact center can clearly see the overall performance of the seats. A single application provides a portal to access any relevant data to help manage daily goals and tasks

wait, there are more. Other features include the ability to update reports, fully automate and customize workflows, and integrate any recording solution or data source. If the nice WFO suite is deployed, nice quality central can take full advantage of the data-driven insight provided by nexidia analytics

as the front line of customer experience, it is of great significance to ensure that the contact center uses the appropriate tools correctly. Labor optimization and quality management are no longer optional projects

is your contact center ready in form

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