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Not afraid of dark at night, but also beautiful! The main roads in Chancheng District have been equipped with LED street lights

"after installing the street lights, they are much brighter. In the past, at 10 p.m., after the shops on the street closed, I was worried about going home. Now no matter how late it is, the street lights are always on, guiding our way home."

last night, Li Meijun, a resident of phase VIII of Rose Garden community, lamented to the residents nearby the changes brought by the installation of street lights on Rose Street since June this year. In the past, the sidewalk on Rose Street at night was illuminated only by the lights of the shops on the street. After 10 p.m., the shops on the street closed, and the sidewalk was dark. In June this year, the public utility service center of Chancheng District completed the installation of 64 LED street lights on Rose Street, illuminating the way home for citizens

street lamps are the eyes of cities. In recent years, Chancheng has accelerated the transformation of street light black spots in the urban area. Since the second half of 2016, 656 street lights have been installed in 35 communities, including Nanpu community and Tong'an community, 51 roads and inner streets (such as Shengtang back street and Tongfu West Second Street), as well as Wenhua Park, facilitating the nighttime travel of the general public

phase III reconstruction of LED street lamps has been completed in Chancheng District, and the main roads in the urban area have achieved full coverage of LED street lamps. At present, Chancheng District is carrying out a five-year plan (year) for the construction and transformation of urban street lamps. By 2020, the coverage of LED street lamps in Chancheng will reach more than 90%

the night lights on Jihua road are bright

upgrade to LED street lights to achieve energy conservation and emission reduction

at the beginning of the lights every night, the street lights on Jihua road are bright, which complement the passing pedestrians and vehicles, and outline the charming night scenery of the city

the reconstruction and upgrading of street lamps in Chancheng District is divided into two stages. The first stage is to install LED street lamps on the main roads as the number of uses increases

most street lamps in Chancheng District were built 20 years ago, and the lamps are mainly high-pressure sodium lamps. The disadvantages of this lamp are high power consumption, short service life and high environmental pollution; LED road lamps and lanterns are the fourth generation of new lighting sources. They have the advantages of long service life (the service life of LED lamps can theoretically reach more than 50000 hours, generally 30000 to 40000 hours, while the service life of sodium lamps and lanterns is only 12000 hours), soft light, high color rendering, high brightness, low power consumption, low environmental pollution and so on. They are energy-efficient lighting lamps and lanterns

in order to promote energy conservation and emission reduction and realize the upgrading of street lamps, Chancheng District has implemented the LED transformation of urban road lamps since November 2008. By 2014, it has completed three phases of the project, transforming 22000 high-power high-pressure sodium lamps into LED lamps. The completion of these three phases of projects will basically realize the full coverage of LED street lights on all main roads in Chancheng District

how about the effect after transformation? Let's take Fenjiang Middle Road (Tongji Road to Jihua Road) as an example. The whole road section shares led street lamps and replaces 165 high-pressure sodium lamps. Before the transformation, the power consumption is 571.20kw per night, and after the transformation, the power consumption is 253.93kw per night, with a power saving rate of 55.54%, while the illumination still meets the national standard; In addition, it also changed the previous situation that the color rendering index of high-pressure sodium lamp was low and the color of the scenery was not clear enough. The soft warm white light significantly improved the clarity of the surrounding scenery

it is estimated that only the third phase of LED street lamp transformation carried out from 2013 to 2014 will save 8million kwh of electricity annually and achieve a power saving efficiency of more than 55%; It is equivalent to saving 2800 tons of standard coal and reducing 6700 tons of carbon dioxide annually, which has significant energy-saving and emission reduction benefits. At the same time, the brightness of main roads at night is significantly improved

bright street lights on zumiao road

from "energy conservation and emission reduction" to "removing the old"

if the upgrading and transformation of street lamps in the first stage focuses on "energy conservation and emission reduction", then the upgrading and transformation of street lamps in the second stage, which has been implemented since 2016, focuses on "removing the old"

according to the relevant person in charge of the public utility service center in Chancheng District, due to the early construction time of the lighting system in some sections of Chancheng District, the lighting poles, lamps, cables, protective tubes, distribution boxes and other facilities have far exceeded their normal service life, and the facilities are dilapidated and damaged, which seriously affects the city appearance, and there are certain potential safety hazards at the same time. It is necessary to arrange the transformation plan reasonably, transform the dilapidated facilities in time, and improve the condition of lighting facilities

in addition, due to the rapid development of the city, the infrastructure supporting of some urban roads is not timely, resulting in the lack of lighting facilities supporting some roads and regions, forming the existence of lighting black spots. The scope of rural street lamps is wide, the number of street lamps is large, the lines are mixed, and the phenomenon of unauthorized pulling and connecting is serious, which makes it difficult for the maintenance unit to inspect

in this case, analyzing the regional characteristics and reasonably arranging the lighting black spot road sections and regional reconstruction plans can provide convenience for citizens to travel at night and increase the sense of security of citizens to travel at night

Chancheng District has previously carried out energy-saving transformation on the light sources of the main roads in the area, and LED light sources have been used for street lamps in most sections. However, due to the lack of in-depth and comprehensive investigation on the lighting conditions of street lamps in the area before the replacement of LED lamps, some community street lamps still use high-power light sources such as high-pressure sodium lamps and metal halide lamps. Although the light source of some road sections has been replaced with LED in the early stage, the phenomenon of obvious light attenuation has gradually appeared, and this part of street lamps also need to be updated

to sum up, it is imperative to carry out the second stage of street lamp upgrading and transformation in Chancheng District. According to the introduction, Chancheng District issued the feasibility study report on the street lamp construction project in the central urban area of Chancheng District in 2016, proposing to comprehensively upgrade the street lamps in zumiao, Shiwan and Zhangcha streets in batches over five years. The street lamp upgrading project covers more than 80 community residents' committees and more than 30 villagers' committees (210 villagers' groups), more than 600 distribution boxes and tens of thousands of street lamps in three streets

it is learned that there are 40980 urban street lamps and 26193 rural street lamps in Chancheng District, including 27137 LED street lamps. After five years of transformation, by 2020, the LED coverage of urban street lamps in Chancheng District will reach more than 90%, and that of rural street lamps will reach more than 30%

at present, the five-year reconstruction plan is being divided into regions according to the plan

street lamps with Lingnan characteristics

residents are no longer worried about going out at night.

last night, under the guidance of the staff of Chancheng public utility department, they came to Nanpu Xincun community. Beside the Boulevard in the community, elegant and bright courtyard lights reflect the warmth of the night

Wu Hanwen, a resident of the community, told that the rights and responsibilities of the management subject had been involved before. The roads in the community had no street lights, and it was dark at night. If you and your wife want to go out for a walk, they will feel afraid and dare not go out. According to the five-year reconstruction plan of Chancheng street lamps, in July this year, the public utility department of Chancheng District installed 20 LED street lamps beside the road of Nanpu Xincun community. "Now, with street lamps, we don't have to be afraid to go out at night."

with the urbanization of Chancheng District, some villages in the past have become part of the city, and village roads have been transformed into municipal roads, such as North 1st Street of light industry; However, for various reasons, these village roads were not included in the municipal road management, and street lamps were not installed, which brought all kinds of inconvenience to local residents, affected residents' night travel, and left potential safety hazards

"my daughter doesn't feel safe when she comes home at night." Last night, Grandma Li, who lives in North 1st Street of light industry, said excitedly after seeing it: "there was no street light before North 1st Street of light industry, and I usually wouldn't go out at night when it was dark. But my son and daughter sometimes get off work late, and it was very inconvenient when it was dark, especially my daughter, who came back after dark and passed this road, was worried."

according to the demands of residents, the municipal public facilities management and technical service center of Chancheng District immediately surveyed the road section and proposed a lighting scheme to install street lamps. Today, a total of 12 led courtyard lights with a height of 4 meters and 60 watts have been installed on the North 1st Street of light industry, and all of them have been put into use. Mother-in-law Li is also less worried about the safety of her daughter's return home

it is learned that in recent years, Chancheng has accelerated the transformation of street light black spots in the urban area. Since the second half of 2016, 656 street lights have been installed in 35 communities, 51 roads and Wenhua park. While further illuminating the city, it has provided convenience for citizens to travel at night

in Nanpu new village, street lamps are installed in the "black spot" on the side of the road in the community/Xie Ke of the Pearl River Times

answer complaints 24 hours and follow up in time

in terms of street lamp management and maintenance, the district public utility department also pays attention to establishing benign communication with the general public to quickly solve the street lamp problem. It is a public utility, urban lighting and livelihood service, which is an important channel to serve the citizens and communicate with them. After the 24-hour duty system is implemented, the elongation rate must be low. Special personnel should be arranged to be on duty to deal with citizens' complaints in a timely manner. After receiving the call from the citizens, the personnel on duty shall establish the call record form of the citizens, make a detailed record of the information of the caller, the operator, the question of consultation, etc., coordinate with the maintenance unit to handle it according to the specific situation, and urge the maintenance unit to complete it on time. The maintenance unit is required to quickly deal with the problems such as the single light off within 24 hours, and timely sort out and reply to the public about the treatment of relevant problems, and do a good job of archiving

the district public utility department also strengthened the patrol inspection of street lamps, and the street lamps found to be faulty were repaired in time. At the same time, the street lamp facilities shall be cleaned regularly to prevent the street lamp from reducing the brightness of road lighting at night due to long-term ash deposition, and improve the utilization rate of the street lamp until the sample is damaged

in addition, Chancheng district holds key folk activities such as Spring Festival flower market, transportation, autumn parade and so on every year. These important folk activities have a dense flow of people and a wide range of activities, which requires that the protection of street lighting should not be lost. The public utilities Department of Chancheng District prepares in advance and carefully checks every year, strengthens the safety guarantee of lighting in the core area of the activity, and arranges special personnel to guard the power switch box to prevent accidents such as tripping

automatically switch the street lamps according to the brightness

since 2000, the maintenance of street lamps in Chancheng has been market-oriented. The public utility service center in Chancheng District has also established a perfect maintenance and assessment quality evaluation system to evaluate the maintenance quality of street lamps and ensure the normal operation of street lamp facilities in the whole region; At the same time, the street lamp remote control system is introduced to monitor the street lamp system more conveniently through modern means

according to the introduction, the street lamps before Chancheng used electronic clock controller, that is, every morning and evening, the street lamps were switched on and off at a fixed time. The use of electronic clock controller can make the use of street lamps regular. However, the time of dawn and darkness varies throughout the year. If the street lamps are switched on and off at a fixed time, there will be "blind spots" of the street lamps; In addition, if the controller fails and the staff cannot detect it immediately, the street light will not light for a short time

nowadays, the street lamp lighting in Chancheng adopts the street lamp infinite remote monitoring system. The system senses the light and dark changes of the external light through the light sensor, so as to achieve the purpose of automatically switching the street lamp. Through the light sensor to switch the street lamps, the street lamp switch mode of "when you are dark, I will light up, and when you light up, I will turn off" is realized, so that the street lamps can better serve the urban lighting

how will Chancheng street lamps develop next? According to the relevant person in charge of the district public utility service center, Chancheng District plans to upgrade the street lamp monitoring platform to achieve refined asset management, standardized workflow, intelligent emergency handling, and scientific decision-making and judgment