The hottest nickel price continues to fall, and th

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Nickel prices continue to fall, and there is still support below 100000 in the short term.

overnight, LUNI yapan opened at $12420/ton today. At the beginning of trading, LUNI's center of gravity fluctuated upward along the daily average, and the upper part was under pressure at the $12500/ton level. Then it fluctuated downward, falling below $12400/ton, and hitting the bottom of $12385/ton. Near noon, LUNI was under pressure again at the $12500/ton level. At noon, the center of gravity of lunni fluctuated in a narrow range around us $12500/ton, with a amplitude of no more than 0.1%. In the afternoon, lunni made a small upward probe. After Jinan experimental machine factory Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. reached the $12535/ton mark in our company for more than 10 years, Yuan Gong was hit by the strength of the US dollar and fluctuated downward, and then the center of gravity fluctuated narrowly around $12390/ton. In the evening, LUNI turned upside down, slightly revised up to $12460/ton, and immediately vented after concussion. After reaching the lowest level of $12220/ton in nearly a month, it continued to weaken slightly. The closing price was $12215/ton, the trading volume increased by 2813 to 7888, the position increased by 900 to 219000, and the inventory decreased by 294 tons to 219366 tons

will cause the sensor or fixture to be damaged. The overnight Shanghai nickel 1901 will be opened at 102910 yuan/ton. At the beginning of the session, Shanghai nickel rose slightly to 103490 yuan/ton. Subsequently, short sellers entered and increased their positions vigorously. Shanghai nickel was volatile all the way, reaching a bottom of 101570 yuan/ton, and then the center of gravity fluctuated narrowly around 101800 yuan/ton. It closed at 101760 yuan/ton, and the trading volume increased by 80000 to 377000 hands. The selection of sampling parts and inspection surfaces should be confirmed according to the characteristics of analytical materials, processing technology and heat treatment process, and the warehouse volume increased by 41000 to 311000 hands. Overnight European flight funds helped the dollar rise, once rising their smart materials to a high of 96.50 to close at 96.421

US stocks were bloodied again overnight, and the market is still lack of confidence in the macro environment. Nonferrous Metals in the outer market rose or fell in half, with Lun nickel leading the decline, closing down 1.45%, while others closed slightly higher. The inner market was also red and green, with Shanghai nickel closing down more than 1%. The main reason is that under the macro pessimistic environment, a large ferronickel plant in East China recently put in new production capacity in advance, which is gradually predicted by the market. It is expected that today, the focus of LUNI nickel will fluctuate weakly around us $12250/ton. The main contract 1901 of Shanghai nickel will run in the range of 101000-103000 yuan/ton, and the spot price will be 102000-109000 yuan/ton

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