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The "Night Walker" guarding the electrical lines of the Qinghai Tibet line

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when the last train left Ledu station, the lights in the station went out one by one. But a small courtyard next to the station lit up in the moonlight. "Go!" With Yang Beicheng's departure order, 30 tall figures about customers were dragged out by track lights in the dark. This is the Ledu contact work area of Xining workshop in Xining power supply section in the early morning of January 21. At this time, the outdoor temperature is minus 17 degrees Celsius, and this is the beginning of their day's work...

the "Night Walker" who guards the railway electrical lines

at about 21:00 on January 20, walking out of Ledu station, the road to Ledu contact work area has no street lamps, and the direction of the road can only be roughly seen by moonlight. It was dark around, and only the small courtyard in Ledu contact work area was lit. At this time, the meeting room on the second floor of a building in the courtyard was full of people. They are the staff who will go to Haishiwan station to check the electrical circuit that night. Yang Beicheng, deputy head of the working area, walked into the conference room with two other principals. "Everyone is here. Now let's have the preconceived prevention meeting tonight." Yang Beicheng said that they hold such a meeting every day before the online inspection, in order to let everyone understand their specific work that night

as soon as Yang Beicheng's voice fell, Chao Deming began to loudly assign everyone's specific work tasks that night. "The person in charge of dongcha District, dao6, Haishiwan station is Wang Qingjun, and the operators are Zhao Tongzhou and Liu Jinxin..." Chao Deming called several names at random after finishing each person's work task and asked them what they were responsible for that night. Chao Deming said that the inspection of electricity along the railway is a high-risk work. If the staff do not understand or forget the work they need to be responsible for that night, it will not only endanger their own safety, but also seriously affect the normal operation of the whole line. "So I will ask them again after arranging the work every day. If someone can't speak clearly or remember completely, I will repeat it again." Chao Deming said

after Chao Deming finished the work, Yang Beicheng emphasized safety again, which allowed the staff to prepare the equipment and materials needed that night. Yang Beicheng said that in the past, electrical maintenance could be arranged in the daytime with the help of the empty window in the train operation room, but with the faster and faster train operation, the closer and closer train arrangement, the maintenance work of electrical lines can only be arranged in the evening, especially after the EMU trains leave, their working hours can often only be arranged at threeorfour o'clock in the morning. "It's already early this evening."

it is an extravagant hope for them to celebrate the festival

at 22:00 on the same day, the railcar slowly drove out of the garage. The staff who went online that night lined up in front of the garage, waiting for the roll call and departure order. At this time, snowflakes floated in the sky and fell on everyone's eyebrows. They melted and condensed in the heat, leaving a thin layer of ice on everyone's eyebrows and eyelashes

real time display of experimental curve "departure." After counting the names one by one, Chao Deming ordered everyone to board the rail operation vehicle. In the rail car, there are only two lockers about 70 cm high side by side, with a layer of cotton mats on them. Everyone sits opposite each other like this. "I can't leave for a while." At this time, Zhang Yaoguang, the assistant of one of the railcars, said that because there were still trains to pass, they would have to wait a while before they could start. "In fact, our real working hours are not very long, but the waiting time is very tough." Yang Beicheng said that in order to allow the passenger and freight trains to pass in an orderly manner, compared with the traditional polyethylene (PE) film, the operation vehicles must wait until all the passenger and freight trains pass before they can drive to the operation site, otherwise they must wait all the time

in the interval of waiting, some of the staff on the train chatted, some brushed, and some kept staring out the window, waiting for the train to pass. Yang Beicheng was a little bored at this time, so he chatted with him. Yang Beicheng said that the two teams in their work area implement a rotation system, and the teams that go to work cannot leave the work area for a week, even the gate of the work area. So they don't have the concept of holidays and public holidays, and they won't give special holidays because of the Spring Festival

"anyway, it's your turn to go home for the Spring Festival. If it's not your turn, you can only stay in the work area." Chao Deming said that he had not had his turn to rest during the Spring Festival for four consecutive years, and this year was finally his turn. "It seems that it's new year's Eve. I'll come back to work after that." Chao Deming said. Suddenly, the whistle of a passenger train suddenly quieted the railway operation vehicle. "The car is finally coming. Let's go." Zhang Yaoguang's voice fell, a long cry, and the rail car slowly started

when making a dense coil spring made of steel wire with a diameter of 1 (2) mm (the outer diameter of the spring is 0.7 (1) mm smaller than the minimum inner diameter of the specified conduit), the fingers are often frozen stiff

at 10:55 that night, when the vehicle arrived at laoyacheng station, the rail car stopped again. "Avoid four trains." Zhang Yaoguang's words made Yang Beicheng shake his head, and a helpless wry smile appeared on the corners of his mouth. At this time, the outdoor temperature was only minus 14 degrees Celsius. Yang Beicheng simply put on a cotton cap and walked out of the carriage. "I don't wear cotton cap earmuffs because I can't hear what is said in the interphone." Yang Beicheng said that during the maintenance, we often communicate the operation through the interphone, or command the rail operation vehicle to move forward or backward. If we cover our ears tightly, we can't hear the shouting in the interphone, and things are easy to happen. In order to facilitate the operation of maintenance tools, they never wear gloves for operation. Even if they do, they only wear those thin thread gloves. "So after an overhaul in winter, many of our ears are red with cold, and our fingers are too cold to bend."

after waiting for nearly 40 minutes, the rail car started again and drove to the already set operation section. At about 1:00 on January 21, the rail car finally arrived at Haishiwan station. At this time, the workers who were already a little sleepy immediately came to their senses, quickly sorted out their work clothes, took their work tools, and prepared to start work. "When the vehicle arrives at the maintenance site, the operation area has been powered off, and there are still 40 minutes before the end of the empty window period." Chao Deming's interphone sent a reminder from the monitoring liaison. "Work quickly!" Contact worker Ma shunmin and elevator operator Cheng Xingyu quickly boarded the elevator operation platform and began to repair and maintain the line

at this time, the ambient temperature has dropped to minus 17 degrees Celsius. The wire has been covered with a thin layer of ice. Ma shunmin quickly overhauled the equipment on the line. "The time we are given to work is fixed. We won't give more time. As soon as the time comes, the line will be powered on. So we must work quickly." Yang Beicheng said that quality and quantity should be guaranteed during operation, so the labor intensity during operation is very high. "Often when you finish your work, you are sweating all over. When the wind blows, it feels like throwing you into the ice cellar immediately after baking a fire."

at about 1:25, after the operation of the day, everyone packed up the equipment and returned to the maintenance car, waiting for the return order from the dispatching room. "Another long wait." While talking, the light in the No. 1 maintenance car had been turned off, and everyone was close together and gradually fell asleep. Not far away, a Spring Festival train full of passengers roared into the distance

sender: private entrepreneur Mao Lingling

dear husband:

the Spring Festival is coming. This year, I will still cook a table of dishes that you and your son love to eat. Our family will celebrate the new year together. This year is our 10th wedding anniversary. My wife wrote this love letter in another way, wishing you a happy New Year! Wish us a happy 10th wedding anniversary

dear, ten years of marriage has made us experience ups and downs, and tasted ups and downs. In the face of career setbacks, I will always be the one behind you silently supporting you. Now, the growth rings of the years have rolled around our life line again, and we increasingly feel that what we can't afford to waste now is time. This year, you spent a lot of energy trying to start another world of your career, and encountered difficulties from all aspects. You are a little depressed. Looking at your daily sleep and food, and your spirit is depressed, I really feel distressed. I have told you countless times, don't worry, take your time, and there is no barrier you can't cross, Things will always get better

our children are slowly growing up. Although you don't care about family affairs in order to be busy with your career, I sometimes complain about you. I spend too little time with my children, and sometimes I even lose my temper. However, when I complain and lose my temper every time, you always coax me as a child and tolerate me everywhere. In fact, I know all this, and I regret it afterwards. Sometimes the pressure of life is like a mountain, which makes you breathless. I told you, we should learn to release the pressure, and don't set our goals too high. I've never asked for anything from you, and I don't expect wealth, but you said, "wife, I really want to have a long-term career". Looking at your expectant eyes, I sincerely support you. I just want a simple, happy, plain and light life. I just hope that our family is healthy and life is delicious. For me, this is happiness

honey, your career will enter a new stage this year, which may be more difficult, but don't worry, my son and I are your strong backing, and we will always support you. Think about the years we have lived together. We have experienced emotional setbacks, hugged our heads and cried bitterly, and also experienced the test of life and death. These tormenting processes make us mature and let us know how to cherish

honey, your health is obviously not as good as before. You should take care of yourself. You know, a healthy body is not only for yourself, but also for all the people who love you. You are the pillar of our family. If you collapse, what should we do? For the problem of making money, we should have a better attitude and don't be so impatient. There is no dead end in the world, and there will always be something suitable for us. OK, that's all! My wife wishes you a happy Spring Festival again

love your wife: Lingling

february 1, 2019

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