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Ni this is an excellent bridging material diadem 11.0 to enhance the management and visualization of test data

release - July 2008 - National Instruments (Ni) recently launched diadem 11.0 software, which is the latest updated version of interactive software for managing, analyzing and reporting test data. Diadem 11.0 adds sensor data mapping to 3D CAD modeling, which not only simplifies the visualization of high channel number systems, but also simplifies large-scale test management with automatic foam granulator conversion and engineering unit conversion. In addition, Ni data searcher Server 2.0 is used in conjunction with diadem to extend test data management to large-scale team or department software solutions. It uses an electronic archive system to provide support for user security management and integration

whether it is the data collected in data collection or the data generated in simulation, diadem can make the management, analysis, reporting and other operations very simple. The software can also process large amounts of data and provide consistent reporting and data visualization functions. It has become an ideal tool in aerospace, automotive and structured test applications. Now, users can use diadem 11.0 to map the data collected from sensors to any CAD model in Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML) or STL file format, so as to understand the measurement or simulation data more clearly

in addition, diadem 11.0 also adds new functions to improve users' work efficiency. The new version of the software provides automatic conversion and engineering unit set or measurement unit conversion, which helps international teams share data and eliminates the differences in geographical location or standards caused by users working in multiple regions. Diadem 11.0 provides users with more flexibility to manage and mine data sets, and the rapid growth of company stories in recent years. It also provides the function of expanding and limiting search parameters for creating more complex data queries. At the same time, diadem 11.0 has a Scripter, which can use code completion function and syntax highlighting function in methods and object attributes, so as to simplify and speed up the writing of scripts

engineers can access test data collected from multiple client computers at the same time using the Ni data searcher server version. The new software provides support for user security management, which can synchronize user-defined security permissions with Microsoft window login, making access easier and more secure. Ni data searcher Server 2.0 is also integrated with the electronic archiving system, so that archived files can be indexed and searched more easily and quickly

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