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At the beginning of the 2012 new year, Zhu Dongqing, chairman of the China building waterproofing Association, and his party, on behalf of the association, research institutes, quality inspection centers, standardization committees, magazines and other industrial service institutions, visited nine roofing and waterproofing enterprises in Shanghai, such as BASF, Mabei, Shenda Kebao, Celanese, Owens Corning, Bayer, Butler, duokai, Yaze, etc, Zhu Zhiyuan, assistant to the president of the waterproof Research Institute of China National Building Materials Research Institute, deputy director of the national waterproof materials quality inspection center, Secretary General of the waterproof materials sub standard committee, and others accompanied the visit

chairman Zhu introduced the development status of China's construction waterproof industry to the Chinese and foreign enterprises he visited, and said that the association would take the industry's "12th Five Year Plan" as the action guide, and actively cooperate with government departments to formulate industrial policies and technical standards from 30 years ago in terms of industrial structure adjustment, product structure adjustment, and process equipment adjustment, so as to play the leading role of the association in the industry. The association will also promote the technological progress of the industry and realize the sustainability of the development of the industry through talent development measures such as academic education and vocational skill education, as well as encouraging enterprise technological innovation and management innovation. Zhu Dongqing pointed out that although the waterproof industry is a small industry, waterproof technology is an important technology related to building safety, environmental protection, energy conservation and people's livelihood. The association will be committed to expanding the application scope of waterproof products and technologies, strengthening the management of waterproof project quality, and improving the value and social influence of the industry

Zhu Dongqing and his delegation had an exchange discussion with Owens Corning, global vice president zhangguoxiong and other Chinese and foreign enterprises interviewed, introduced their respective development, and expressed that the Association for Israel is also a very common equipment in our daily life, but there are still many users who buy it do not know how to use it. Taking this opportunity, StarTech introduced to you the operating procedures of the universal tensile testing machine and the cause of oil leakage! It is the strong desire of the representative industry service institutions to strengthen industry supervision, enhance the importance of the industry, and break the bottleneck of the promotion and application of new materials and new technologies. The two sides also conducted extensive communication and exchange on hot technologies and hot topics in the industry, such as roof fire prevention technology, roof wind exposure resistance performance, solar roof technology, planting roof technology, external wall insulation and waterproof structure, mechanized construction of force materials required for waterproof coating and cutting tear, and environmental protection requirements of waterproof materials

led by China building waterproofing Association, the service agencies of the industry have been visiting enterprises in the industry for three consecutive years at the end of the year and the beginning of the year. Through visits, mutual understanding has been enhanced, which is conducive to improving the pertinence and effectiveness of industry services, and will also promote cooperation and common development

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