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Nielsen: the mother baby app has become the primary channel for mothers and infants to obtain knowledge. Release date: Source: Securities Times

in order to gain insight into the trend of mother baby consumption industry and the needs of mother baby families, baobaoshu recently commissioned market monitoring and data analysis company Nielsen to conduct in-depth market research and issue the 2020 mother baby consumption insight report (hereinafter referred to as the "report"), from the macro trend of mother baby market The performance of key categories of mothers and infants, the consumption behavior of mothers and infants and the brand value of mother and infant Internet provide high-value data reference for the whole industry to explore new growth

the report shows that the improvement of residents' living standards has promoted the steady growth of the mother and child care industry. The new generation of parents take children as the consumption center, uphold the consumption concept of healthy and quality life, and rely on the mother and child vertical platform to learn knowledge, exchange and share, tool parenting, and make consumption decisions

the mother and baby crowd gathered on the four major online positions

the younger trend of the mother and baby crowd made the mobile Internet deeply include labels, instructions and other identification content and product certification into all aspects of their lives. Compared with the overall public use peak concentrated in the commuting time period, the evening peak of the mother and baby crowd was around o'clock, that is, the personal exclusive time period after the child fell asleep. Shopping, mother and baby shopping, short video/live broadcast and social networking are the main online gathering places of this group, while the mother and baby shopping app represented by baby tree has achieved a high penetration rate of more than 80% because it fully meets the core needs of users for interactive communication, knowledge acquisition, tool use, consumption, grass planting and so on

the report shows that the mother infant app is the primary channel for the mother infant population to acquire knowledge at all stages (from within 2 years of pregnancy to the age of 6). The mother infant app platform has become the source channel for the mother infant population to acquire knowledge because of its scientific, professional, comprehensive and easy to understand content characteristics. The knowledge of pregnant people covers a wide range, from pregnancy knowledge, baby growth to their own mental health; During pregnancy, we pay more attention to the relevant knowledge of the current stage; Since the baby is 7 months old, users' knowledge needs have shifted from basic daily care to baby ability training, and early education and infant physical and mental development knowledge have become the focus of attention

in terms of content, mothers and infants pay the most attention to baby feeding, early development and health knowledge, and have a high willingness to pay. The data from baobaoshu shows that the younger generation of Baoma tends to pursue a balanced and reasonable approach to childcare and self satisfaction, pays equal attention to sports and fitness during pregnancy, post natal repair and family relations, and has a high degree of dependence on the content of experts and authorities in the field of mother and baby

in addition, vertical apps are also the preferred online platform for interactive communication between mothers and infants. The scale and willingness of users to post, comment, forward and other in-depth interactive behaviors on such platforms exceed that of short videos, e-commerce and other online traffic gathering places. Thanks to the exchange of common topics with people at the same stage and the sharing of child growth indicators and parenting stories, the delivery of mothers and infants. 1. The necessary flow and sharing of pre use inspection of waterproof coiled material tensile testing machine have created high-value content for this kind of platform, forming a positive cycle of activity

mother baby vertical classification into Omni channel grass king

the report also points out that the new generation of mother baby population attaches importance to the use of tools for scientific parenting and their own health management, and has a higher dependence on tools in the pregnancy stage, especially the number and types of tools used in pregnancy and pregnancy stage have increased significantly. In terms of tool selection, the mother and infant population are more inclined to choose comprehensive service apps with more comprehensive and refined tool structure features and working principles, rather than single tool apps. Taking baby tree as an example, in addition to the high-frequency tools such as "pregnancy recipes", "feeding records", "growth files", it also provides a variety of relatively low frequency segmentation tools such as "fetal weight estimator" and "understanding B-ultrasound sheet", which are particularly important in special stages and scenes. At the same time, it also instrumentalizes the content of early childhood development knowledge such as "early education games" and "good lessons for young buds", To meet the needs of the mother and baby population for the use of full cycle tools

in addition to meeting the core needs of mother and baby groups for knowledge acquisition, communication and interaction, and tool use, the planting of grass on mother and baby vertical app commodities has important reference value for the omni channel consumption of mother and baby inspection and testing groups

according to Nielsen research statistics, more than half of the maternal and infant consumer groups grow grass through maternal and infant vertical apps. The proportion of them from high-speed cities is higher, and their education, income, spending and network activity are significantly higher. Due to the fact that mothers and infants rely on the real use evaluation and recommendation of people at the same stage, whether they consume in traditional offline channels such as mother and infant stores, supermarkets, or online channels such as integrated e-commerce and vertical e-commerce, the first entry for the information source of grass planting for mothers and infants is the mother and infant vertical app, which is much higher than other commodity information sources such as e-commerce platforms, opinion leaders such as mother and infant experts/doctors/big V, and word-of-mouth recommendations from relatives and friends

the data also shows that the top five most effective consumption recommended categories of maternal and infant vertical apps are infant care, travel bedding, food, diapers, and milk powder. More than 50% of the users of the mother and baby app will choose to purchase directly on the platform. In addition to core mother and baby products such as diapers and milk powder, other daily categories such as nutrition and health care and toiletries also account for a considerable proportion

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