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Tips for printing enterprises to make profits in the era of low profits

as China's market has shifted from sellers to buyers, the era of high profits has entered the era of low profits, and the topic of the printing industry entering the era of low profits has also been discussed many times. However, various discussions related to this have not stopped in fact, and the voices of all parties are also different. Although we know that reducing costs, ensuring quality and developing new products are the only way to win the market in the era of low profits, it is also the best time for enterprises to stand out from the current price reduction war in the domestic market. But what exactly does the meager profit era mean, and how does the printing enterprise stand invincible in it? Today, we pour out our money one by one

what is the era of meager profits and why

the era of meager profits is a conventional formulation at present. The so-called meager profit is relatively speaking, its relative term is windfall profit. The formulation of the meager profit era shows people's qualitative judgment on the profit margin in the business environment. The current situation of China shows that it is the general trend to enter the era of low profit from the era of high profit. Reducing costs, ensuring quality and developing new products are the only way to win the market in the era of low profits, and it is also the best time for enterprises to stand out from the current price reduction war in the domestic market

when the government is extremely optimistic about various indicators of the printing industry and gives it a new height of development, the practitioners of the printing industry are worried about the current meager profits of the industry. The previous printing industry was a special industry, which was released by licensees, and lay in the hotbed of monopoly like the country's telecommunications in the past. When the state deregulated, the initial high profits attracted a large number of investors, and large and small printing enterprises came into being. It should be said that these early industry entrants are the pioneers of entrepreneurship, and have also greatly tasted the sweetness. As Mr. Meng Zhiwen, general manager of Beijing colorful, said, people in the industry often say with exclamation how the first two years were, full of nostalgia for the high profit era in the past and a sense of regret for the fierce competition now

meager profits are relative. On the one hand, the continuous entry of new enterprises shows that it is still profitable. The data shows that in 2005, 109 printing enterprises in Beijing closed down due to poor management, and 125 new enterprises, with a slight increase in the total number; On the other hand, some leading enterprises have positioned themselves as constantly strengthening and expanding, building new plants and investing in new equipment, from which we can see that these enterprises are not shackled by meager profits. Secondly, the arrival of the era of low profit is actually the fate of the printing industry, because the ultimate goal of any market competition is the survival of the fittest and the balance between supply and demand. At the beginning, the high profits won by using the blind spot of the market will eventually be balanced by the increase of competitors. In contrast, third, high profit public opinion has also caused enterprises to enter blindly and expand blindly. The number of printing enterprises remains high, but the management level and professional quality are far from keeping up with the investment of equipment and technology. The quality and level are low, and the profit must not be much higher. Fourth, it cannot be ignored that vicious competition also intensifies the arrival of the era of meager profits. In the interview with many industry experts, we all have a common view that unfair competition is causing great harm to the healthy development of the market. Printing enterprises are also very scratching their heads. A person in charge of an enterprise with personal experience told the author this (4) sepiolite like story: two door-to-door printing plants and a publishing business with work to print. In order to constantly lower the prices of both sides, the two companies went back and forth several times in the same day. The problem is that this phenomenon is not unique. Such blows and heavy losses from customers to the industry are countless, which seriously disrupted the normal order of the market

enterprise self construction is the key

of course, the external environment is important, and the cultivation of keeping pace with the times is essential. There are two main points of Cultivation: increasing income and reducing expenditure + lowering your status. It is undeniable that many state-owned enterprises have lost to private enterprises in these two points. In the face of the rise in the price of various raw materials, the rise in factory land prices, the rise in rents, the rise in the overall level of staff wages, and so on, how to effectively reduce management costs, operating costs, less enterprise waste, has become a new topic faced by the managers of printing enterprises in the new era. Relatively speaking, private enterprises have a stronger awareness and feeling of cost control. Waste, wrong investment direction and unnecessary mistakes anywhere will lead to the increase of costs and investment of the company, which is the loss of hard-earned money. And the saved funds will make the profit space relatively expanded. In this way, small profits are relatively speaking. Once again, I remembered what Mr. colorful Meng Zhiwen said with a smile: buy cheap, sell expensive, and don't waste in the middle. This is easier said than done. This is to open up sources and reduce expenditure

the so-called lowering of value means that when profits gradually decline from high to low, when there is still a range of profit space, whoever first lowers his value and first meets the needs of the market will have a better market. There have been many times that enterprises want to establish a price holding alliance in the form of organization, which has proved to be unfeasible in practice. As mentioned above, due to the different management methods and operation modes of various manufacturers, their profit margins vary. Considering trade secrets, different profit margins and opaque profit margins, it is conceivable that it is difficult for the price alliance to travel

printing enterprises have unique ways to make money

in the era of meager profits, rising prices of raw materials and intensifying competition in the large printing market, if printing enterprises do not have their own unique skills, it is really more difficult for them to rush out of thousands of troops and squeeze through the single wooden bridge. Looking at today's printing market, it can really be described as the separation of feudal regimes. The Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta, the Bohai Sea Rim, and the southwest have different systems and operation modes. I can only see that the eight immortals cross the sea and show their magic powers, and their tricks and tricks are amazing

1. Technological innovation: technological innovation is not only a conventional way of playing in business war, but also the most stable and safest way of playing. Through equipment and technology investment and staff quality improvement, the enterprise has opened the gap with similar enterprises, worked steadily, and won by technology and quality. It has not only earned rich profits, but also won the respect of the industry and established a tall corporate brand image

2. Differentiated management: from a strategic perspective, differentiation is a major means to avoid homogeneous competition. Homogenization is the evil result of enterprises aiming at the mainstream market and following the trend. The mainstream market is often regarded as a piece of fat, and the entry threshold is relatively low, so it is quite attractive. With the continuous maturity of the industry and the continuous improvement of enterprise IQ, more and more enterprises will use their own resources to grasp the law of market survival and development and take the road of differentiation

3. Refined management: maybe many enterprises want to say that I don't have so strong strength to invest, nor so good technical level. If so, you can start from yourself, smooth the process flow of the enterprise, and achieve refined management. To achieve fine management, we should pay attention to including fine management quotation, fine management customer, fine management property, fine management quality, fine management system, fine management communication, fine management procurement, fine management environment. We believe that through such fine management, considerable profits and wealth can be accumulated

when selecting baycusan? C 1010 has strong shaping effect and does not affect the natural appearance when measuring the fatigue life of spring 4 Providing value-added services: value-added services generally refer to services that are not necessary, but provide services that can bring great convenience to customers and enable enterprises to earn more sales profits. The composition of service chips is closely related to fiber orientation. Strong market competition pressure has led more and more printing enterprises to change from the mode of simply relying on processing and production to the mode of providing value-added services that customers want. The cooperation between enterprises will separate the common problems of each other, and realize the refinement of division of labor, so as to create their own value-added for enterprises. The idea of Beijing Dingjia century printing company to build Beijing printing city is based on the idea of saving costs through cooperation between enterprises without going to scale

5. Introduction of high technology: with the overwhelming momentum, the traditional printing industry can not avoid this wave. Those who dare to try take advantage of the situation and the east wind to contribute to their own career. The original intention of Yachang art under Yachang printing group is very simple. It is to attract more customers to take books to Yachang for printing. However, it is unintentional to insert willows into the line. Many companies take the initiative to come to the door and hope to provide them with pre exhibition. Now art exhibition and auction have become the second main business of Yachang. Tradition and high technology are organically combined with boutique display and boutique printing as hinges, It has formed a new feature of the industry

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