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Vigorously transform Linzhou heavy machinery into the oil service and robot industry

Linzhou heavy machinery vigorously transformed, raising a total of no more than 1.113 billion yuan, all of which were used to invest in "oil and gas field engineering technical service projects" and "industrial robot industrialization (phase I) Engineering projects" after deducting the issuance costs

on the evening of July 31, Linzhou Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. issued a fixed increase plan, which plans to issue no more than 150million shares to no more than 10 specific objects, including the company's controlling shareholder Guo Xiansheng and the fourth largest shareholder song Quanqi. The issue price is no less than 7.42 yuan/share, and the total amount of funds raised is no more than 1.113 billion yuan, After deducting the issuance expenses, all the investment will be used for "oil and gas field engineering technical service project" and "industrial robot industrialization (phase I) project"

Linzhou Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the design, R & D, manufacturing, sales and technical services of coal machinery and equipment based on fully mechanized coal mining support equipment. In view of the development trend of the energy industry at home and abroad, the company proposed a strategic transformation plan. While continuing to consolidate the market share of the existing complete sets of coal fully mechanized mining equipment, through steady transformation, the company gradually entered the energy technology service fields such as oil and gas fields, shale gas, coal and sometimes even the improvement of 4-ball machines, and the research and development and manufacturing of industrial robots. The two high degree projects invested and constructed with the raised funds are the further measures of the company's transformation

among them, the oil and gas field engineering technical service project is implemented by the company's holding subsidiary Tianjin trilobite Energy Technical Service Co., Ltd., with a total investment of 1.005 billion yuan. Through the purchase of domestic advanced complete sets of fracturing equipment and other process equipment, the project establishes an oil and gas technical service team with sophisticated technology and advanced equipment, improves the company's engineering and technical service ability in the field of long horizontal section staged fracturing construction of conventional oil, natural gas and unconventional oil and gas reservoirs such as shale gas and coalbed methane, and realizes the company's steady transformation from a supplier of fully mechanized coal mining equipment to an integrated energy service provider

the elongation at break or elongation at yield (ε t) and industrialization (phase I) projects given in gb13022 ⑼ 1 "experimental methods for tensile properties of plastic films" for the R & D of industrial robots are implemented by the company, with a total investment of 102 million yuan. The project plans to produce 850 sets of industrial robots per year, including welding robot system, cutting robot, spot welding robot, handling robot, spraying robot, underwater environment monitoring robot and rescue robot. Through the implementation of this project, the company will strive to promote the R & D and industrialization of intelligent industrial robots, improve and improve the company's intelligent equipment product chain and R & D and manufacturing level, promote the strategic transformation of the company's business development, and effectively enhance shareholder value

while Linzhou Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. made great efforts to transform, the top management of the company also experienced a major change. On July 29, 2014, song Quanqi, the vice chairman of the company, Si Guangzhou, the vice chairman, Tian Liancheng, the director and general manager, guoshusheng, the director and deputy general manager, and Hu Shengsan, the independent director, resigned to the board of directors of the company. Except that Si Guangzhou resigned as the vice chairman, of which 149million yuan was used for the construction project of high-performance nylon composite material production line for rail transit and automobile, and will continue to serve as the company's director, the other four people will no longer hold any positions in the company

in the secondary market, after the opening this morning, Linzhou Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. increased by 9.97% to 8.60 yuan

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