After that, the hottest robot came to the UAV for

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The robot then came to the UAV for distribution. JD logistics built the "intelligent logistics" layout in Sichuan.

JD UAV delivery

Chengdu full search (internship Guo Ying) on January 8, 2019 new year is coming. Today, Grandpa Li, who lives in Xiexing Town, Guang'an City, nearly 80 years old, received the New Year gift his grandson bought for him early in the morning. Unlike in the past, this gift bag fell from the sky, which surprised him when he came to pick up the goods. It is understood that in order to ensure the punctuality of express delivery on the eve of the Spring Festival and meet the needs of more users, JD logistics officially launched the normal operation of drones in Guang'an business department in January this year. This is the first pilot operation of unmanned aerial vehicle distribution in Southwest China, marking another new stage of Sichuan logistics terminal distribution in the intelligent era drone delivery

flying New Year gift 80 year old grandpa xiaohuahua

at 11 a.m., Zhao fan, a courier from Guang'an business department, is going to Xiexing town to start today's delivery work. The straight-line distance from the station to Xiexing town is only 1000 meters, but it takes nearly an hour to drive back and forth because there are mountain roads along the way, which are sometimes steep and uneven

grandpa Li received an express delivery from a drone for the first time.

the first order this morning was the New Year gift bag bought by grandpa Li's grandson for him. Speaking of Grandpa Li, Zhao fan is already very familiar with him. Although his grandson works outside all year round, he often buys things to honor him. Sometimes he has to run several times a week to deliver goods. Zhao fan usually arrives at Grandpa Li's house before 1 o'clock to complete the delivery, but today he is much ahead of schedule. Since the site took drone distribution as the helper of end-of-line transportation, the delivery time of many dispatchers has been shortened by hours. With the UAV, the delivery process changes to express the package to the cantilever impact tester. It is to place the sample vertically and clamp it in the impact tester. The impact elastic tester reaches the distribution station. The station personnel place the package in the UAV according to the different distribution areas. The professional UAV flight attendant operates the UAV to fly to the designated transfer point for unloading, and then the distribution personnel in charge of the area pick up the goods, Complete the delivery of the last kilometer. As an auxiliary function of terminal transportation, UAV saves a lot of journey time for the delivery personnel

grandson bought grandpa Li a winter coat and some rice for the new year. I feel very fresh. The technology is so developed that the plane can deliver goods. Grandpa Li, who came to pick up the goods, saw this scene and said

distribution personnel are waiting for UAV delivery

three routes cover the whole Guang'an City to form a UAV distribution network

this time, we have opened three UAV flight routes in Guang'an, including Xiexing Town, Guang'an vocational and technical college and the riverside square in the North of the city, so as to ensure that the logistics distribution of the whole Guang'an City can be covered. According to the person in charge of the project, it takes less than 6 minutes for the drone to fly from the site to Xiexing town for distribution, while it takes nearly an hour for the deliveryman to drive back and forth. Because of the terrain restrictions and other reasons, sometimes the delivery station with a very close straight-line distance needs a courier to spend half a day to deliver the goods in 2009. The UAV can greatly reduce the distribution cost of this part, ensure the safety of distribution, and then improve the shopping experience of users. In addition, the distribution route of the riverside square in the north of the city can transport the packages to be delivered for most of the dispatchers passing here, thus saving them the journey time to return to the station to pick up goods. Guang'an vocational and technical college is the only university in Guang'an, and its campus teacher is zl 41 the power system of a large servo injection molding machine has more than 10000 students. The UAV can not only effectively cover and calculate the cross arm travel fault value to cover campus distribution, but also explore a new way of school enterprise cooperation

the delivery personnel are picking up the goods

it is understood that JD logistics has also arranged two professional flight service engineers for daily operation in order to ensure the routine use of UAVs. All operators of UAV must first receive professional training from flight service center. The flight service personnel said that in addition to managing the UAV flight and waybill distribution, the flight service division should also be responsible for route exploration and optimization, identifying routes that can replace the dispatchers with UAVs, as well as the maintenance and repair of aircraft materials. At present, the main models of JD drone order distribution are Y3 and V3, with a load of between kg. In addition to bulky goods, the vast majority of products such as fresh food, electronics, clothing and other products can be delivered by UAV

unmanned aerial vehicles complete loading and are ready to take off

accelerate the pace of normalized operation of unmanned aerial vehicles and build an intelligent logistics system in Southwest China

Guang'an has always been one of the investment areas valued by JD logistics. This time, Guang'an City is selected as the first region in the southwest to normalize the distribution and operation of unmanned aerial vehicles, which is also inseparable from the strong support of the government. The person in charge of the project said that in the future, JD logistics will also cooperate with colleges and universities in Guang'an to establish research bases such as JD flight service center to provide UAV science education and training, and cultivate sophisticated talents for the industry

in addition to Guang'an, JD logistics will also apply for the normalized operation of UAVs in more regions of Sichuan and Chongqing to better serve the public

in 2017, drone came to cliff village in Liangshan, Sichuan, marking the official operation of the country's first mobile clinic for drones. In January, 2018, UAV obtained China's first provincial-level UAV operation license, which has become an important milestone for and the whole industry. In addition to logistics distribution, JD UAV will also combine JD's own resources to strengthen external output and industrial empowerment, provide applications in digital agriculture, flight services, emergency rescue, traffic monitoring, vocational training and other fields, and create greater value for all parties

in October 2018, the first distribution robot in Sichuan was also officially put into use in Colleges and universities in Sichuan, marking that Sichuan logistics terminal distribution has officially entered the era of no one. Three months later, Guang'an officially opened the distribution and transportation function of UAVs. In the future, JD logistics will also practice more new formats and models, and continue to promote the construction of Southwest intelligent logistics system

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