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Letter of Lishui valve chamber of Commerce on adjusting casting price and loan recovery

Lishui valve chamber of commerce document livazi [2017] No. 5 letter on adjusting casting price and loan recovery. Since May, the steel market demand has been further released and the scrap market price has soared. Polyurethane, high-performance organic fluorine, organosilicon, advanced ceramics, special glass, high-performance glass fiber, high-performance aluminum alloy, graphene and other fields have a high level of technology. Heavy pollution enterprise treatment and other reasons have led to the continuous rise of raw materials required by enterprises for production

all Foundry Enterprises and valve factories

since May, the market demand for steel has been further released, and the market price of scrap steel has soared all the way. The treatment of heavily polluted enterprises and other reasons have led to the continuous rise of raw materials required by enterprises for production. Recently, the prices of scrap iron, silicon manganese iron, resin, curing agent, sodium silicate and other materials have been soaring. In terms of enterprise employment, the cost continues to rise. The wages of workers in 2017 increased by more than 5% over that in 2016, and the proportion of enterprises helping employees pay five insurances and one gold is increasing year by year. How can enterprises increase employees' labor insurance supplies and take unknown achievements as conditions for manipulation and switching? Therefore, investment in practice and occupational health inspection. At the same time, various foundry enterprises have invested a lot of human, material and financial resources in order to obtain relevant production licenses from the State Environmental Protection Bureau, the Safety Supervision Bureau, the fire brigade, the economic and Trade Bureau, etc. Due to the above reasons, the production and operating costs of foundry enterprises have increased by more than 30% over the beginning of the year, and all enterprises are facing loss making production

not only that, the relevant departments canceled the preferential policy of scrap tax rebate, implemented full tax payment, gradually standardized the tax market, and put an end to tax evasion. At present, the bankruptcy of enterprises has become the norm, and the phenomenon of running away is becoming more and more serious. If the foundry enterprises do not carry out in-depth reform, and it is understood that they still operate on credit, and even cannot collect the payment for goods for several years, then the enterprises are not far from closing down

based on the above reasons, in order to survive and avoid bankruptcy, the foundry enterprises made the following adjustments:

first, price adjustment. On the basis of the original price per ton of castings, the price of precision castings increased by more than 1000 yuan, and the price of resin sand castings increased by more than 1500 yuan

II. Tax rate adjustment: the tax rate is adjusted to more than 12% excluding tax

third, close the credit business model, clear accounts in time, and adopt cash transactions

we call on all valve and casting enterprises to strictly abide by the above industry adjustments and unite as one to pass the current severe test

Lishui valve chamber of Commerce

July 25, 2017

2. The testing machine should be kept clean

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