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Jinan automation control cabinet manufacturer Lirui electric famous enterprise

Jinan automation control cabinet manufacturer Lirui electric famous enterprise

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this is closely related to cable length, motor heating, cable heating, frequency converter heating and other factors, Motor parameters: the frequency converter sets the maximum frequency of power, current, voltage and speed of the motor in the parameters. These parameters can be obtained directly from the motor nameplate. Frequency hopping: resonance may occur at a certain frequency point, especially when the whole device is relatively high; When controlling the compressor, it is necessary to avoid the surge point of the compressor, set the power poles of the motor, comprehensively consider the working current of the frequency converter, set the maximum output frequency of the frequency converter, set the fundamental frequency, and set the torque characteristics. The general frequency converter is equipped with multiple VPF curves for users to choose. Users should choose the appropriate VPF curve according to the nature of the load when using. If it is a fan and pump load, the transformer such as oil pump, oil valve The bad temperature controller and so on will lead to the change of processing conditions. The torque operation code of the frequency converter is set to variable torque and reduced torque operation characteristics. In order to improve the low-speed performance of the frequency converter when starting, so that the torque output by the motor can meet the requirements of production load startup, the starting torque should be adjusted. In the variable-frequency speed regulation system of asynchronous motor, the torque control is more complex. In the low-frequency band, the influence of resistance leakage reactance cannot be ignored, If VPF is still kept constant, the magnetic flux will be reduced, thereby reducing the output torque of the motor. Therefore, the voltage should be appropriately compensated in the low-frequency band to improve the torque. Generally, the frequency converter is manually set by the user for compensation

Weichuang frequency converter, soft starter, Yimeng Yite soft start Changsha frequency converter, frequency converter control cabinet, PLC control cabinet, frequency conversion control cabinet, imported domestic frequency converter maintenance, soft start cabinet fan frequency converter, water pump frequency converter, Changsha Wencheng electrical equipment set the frequency converter to its own keyboard operation mode, press the run key stop key, observe whether the motor can start and stop normally, and be familiar with the protection code when the frequency converter fails, Observe the factory value of Jinan automatic control cabinet manufacturer of thermal protection relay and the set value of overload protection, which can be modified when necessary. The user of the frequency converter can say to the frequency converter according to the operation manual of the frequency converter: I think this is a potential growth field of electronic thermal relay function setting. Jinan automation control cabinet supplier

when the output current of the frequency converter exceeds its allowable current, the overcurrent protection of the frequency converter will cut off the output of the frequency converter in the field where food packaging is the most used film. Therefore, the maximum threshold value of the electronic thermal relay of the frequency converter does not exceed the maximum allowable output current of the frequency converter, The underground integrated pump station is an integrated fully automatic processing, collection and lifting system. The underground integrated pump station is easy to install, reliable in quality, small in civil engineering volume, small in floor area and high in automation. It is an ideal substitute for the traditional concrete pump. But do you know how to solve the problem when the integrated pump station breaks down? The common faults of sewage pumps are as follows. The water pump does not start, The common reason is that there are sundries piled up in front of the impeller and the pump body, blocking the insufficient flow of the water pump, or the water cannot be sucked. The common reason is that there is air in the pump body, or the suction pipe leaks, or the reverse rotation occurs, and the sewage pump vibrates or makes a particularly loud noise

the common causes are too much wear, serious damage to the impeller, and unbalanced operation. To know the working principle of the sewage riser, the first thing to know is its components. The main components of the sewage riser are: the level controller of the sewage pump in the water collecting tank, the check valve seal ring controller, and the function of the water collecting tank is to collect and temporarily store the waste water discharged by users; The function of the sewage pump is to grind the sundries in the cutting wastewater; The function of the liquid level controller control cabinet is to control the startup and shutdown of the sewage pump; Check valve can prevent sewage backflow; The sealing ring can prevent the leakage of waste water odor. Knowing these components and basic functions, we can well understand its working principle. When the user discharges sewage, the sewage will enter the collecting tank of the sewage elevator along the pipeline. When the collecting tank collects waste water to a certain level, the liquid level controller will feed back a signal to the controller. After receiving the signal, the controller will control the start of the sewage pump, The sewage pump began to discharge sewage, and the sewage elevator began to work

when the liquid in the water collecting tank is discharged below the controlled liquid level, the liquid level controller will also send a signal to the controller, and the controller will control the sewage pump to stop, and the sewage lifter will enter the standby state again. The sewage lifter completes a sewage discharge process through the close cooperation of various components. In the process of designing products, Take the practicality of the price of Jinan automatic control cabinet as the primary principle of the design, such as the backwash function. Each time it runs, it will automatically flush the tank wall and knock down the impurities attached to the tank wall, which can actually prolong the service life of the product; The buzzer alarm function can remind people that the above functions are only part of the listed functions when the product is abnormal. These functions are very practical and can be said to be necessary for a good product

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