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Jinan vacuum filling equipment manufacturer Lirui electric quality specialty

Jinan vacuum filling equipment manufacturer Lirui electric quality specialty

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the patented pump pit design is compared with the old pump pit design. In order to finally determine the pump pit design, we have done a lot of tests, studied and analyzed a variety of parameters. Before the self-cleaning pump pit design is finally determined, We also evaluated many factors, such as the distance between the pump pit and the ground and the distance between two adjacent pumps. The advantages of the integrated prefabricated pump station are that the design life of the standard pump pit is years. The ground of the flat pump pit is easy to accumulate solid substances. The pump pit is designed with integrated discharge connection. The slope structure can ensure that a very high flow rate can be achieved and then eddy currents can be generated, so that the solid is suspended again, which greatly improves the solid transportation capacity

mm the sediment in the conventional pump pit, the accumulation of solid matter covers the entire pump pit surface, and only a small amount of residual solid in the sediment in the pump pit accumulates near the discharge connection, maintaining the first-class cleanliness of the pump station. As the world's leading manufacturer and fluid treatment technology supplier of submersible pumps, we can provide everything you need for the construction and operation of your pump station. Although the pump pit has self-cleaning function, We also recommend accessory products for you to maintain the first-class cleanliness of the pump station. It can be used for retrofitting and upgrading. The turnkey concept is an ideal solution for the reconstruction of old-fashioned pump stations. It can be used by Jinan vacuum filling equipment manufacturers to retrofit and renovate your old-fashioned pump station with the top solution kit. It can be installed in the existing structure. It is estimated that the average output of 200 pieces per hour requires very small quantities of work, and there is no need to increase the excavation volume, The retrofit of top pump station can greatly reduce the service cost and maintenance cost of emergency repair, including improving the effectiveness of electric vehicles and autonomous vehicle

and reduce your operating cost. It uses a new type of elastic three-dimensional filler with a large specific surface area, because microorganisms are easy to hang film and remove film. Under the same condition of more organic matter load, it has a high removal rate of insoluble substances such as organic matter, which can well improve the solubility of oxygen in the air in water, In addition, as a new material, the composite polyurethane adhesive of the whole equipment processing system is equipped with a fully automatic electrical control intelligent system and an equipment fault alarm system, which is safe and reliable in use and work. Usually, there is no need for fixed staff management, but only the comprehensive maintenance and repair of the equipment in a timely manner, Domestic sewage treatment equipment has played a good role in today's environmental protection, so I hope you can observe and understand it more in daily use, so that it is more conducive to PMMA with excellent light transmittance. Our life, fully automatic basement sewage drainage equipment is mainly composed of water collection (sewage) tank, lifting pump control cabinet and corresponding solid-liquid separator, debris buffer pipe valve, etc, When the sewage enters the Jinan vacuum filling machine price equipment through the system pipeline, the sundries greater than mm are filtered out through the solid-liquid separator, and the water enters the water collecting tank. When the sewage in the water collecting (sewage) tank reaches the set maximum water level

the liquid level controller sends a signal to start # or # the system starts to drain water through the control cabinet. At this time, the pressurized sewage pushes the one-way valve to close the channel leading to the first section of the solid-liquid separator and discharges the sundries in the buffer downward to play the role of backwashing. When the sewage in the collecting (sewage) tank decreases and the water level drops to the set low water level, the liquid level sensor transmits the signal to the control cabinet to command the working lift pump to stop running, and the automatic program has been set in the control cabinet, Lifting pump Xiehe # is standby for each other, and it can also be started at the same time when the start and stop are automatically alternated. The full-automatic operation does not need to be supervised by a specially assigned person. When the equipment fails, the alarm system will automatically start, the alarm indicator will flash, and an alarm will be sent to remind the user at the same time. The control cabinet is equipped with a manual operation system Jinan antifreeze vacuum filling machine manufacturer system

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