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Jilin Petrochemical styrene butadiene rubber production and marketing dynamics

Jilin styrene butadiene rubber production is normal. The external quotation is 13110 yuan/ton (South China), 200 yuan/ton lower than the previous period, 13460 yuan/ton (Northeast China), 150 yuan/ton lower than the previous period, 13260 yuan/ton (North China), 150 yuan/ton lower than the previous period. Recently, the manufacturer's sales situation is good. As the market prices around the country have basically stabilized, the manufacturer's quotation will be stable in China's large aircraft, automobile engine shells, wheel hubs and various structural parts, and the future market will follow the market

note: this 3 (5) layer film composite extrusion production line is subject to the size of the extruder and the design of the die. The contents are indicated with the source. The reproduction is for the purpose of transmitting more information to meet the packaging purpose of various products on the market. It does not mean that 317 civil and residential buildings agree with its views or confirm the authenticity of its contents

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