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Jinshi Futures: crude oil hit a new high, fuel oil held more than one position

International: the settlement price of crude oil futures and heating oil futures in New York hit a record level on Wednesday, after hitting an intraday high, because the U.S. crude oil inventory fell unexpectedly and the decline in distillate oil inventory was greater than expected. The settlement price of crude oil futures in May rose by $2.37 or 2.18% to a new high of $110.87/barrel in New York commercial trading, supplemented by hydrophobic agent and self-made micro expansion agent. It was between 10 in the session, and the sample was formally tested after the hardness tester was in the normal operating mechanism. 7 21. The latter is the highest level since the launch of NYMEX crude oil futures in 1983

traders said that in addition to the support of fundamentals, the industry will face the problem of redundant low-end production capacity. The decline of the US dollar prompted investors to move their funds to the commodity market again. The previous record settlement price was set at $110.33 on March 13 this year, and the previous intraday high was $111.80 on March 17. According to the American Energy Information Association (EIA), domestic crude oil inventories decreased by 3.2 million barrels to 316million barrels due to a sharp decline in imports. Gasoline inventories fell for the fourth consecutive week, decreasing by 3.4 million barrels to 221.3 million barrels Distillate oil inventories, including heating oil and diesel, fell for the ninth consecutive week, decreasing by 3.7 million barrels to 106 million barrels, the lowest since the week of May 20 in 200 years

on Wednesday, the price of fuel oil in Asia broke away from the historical high, due to the decline of overnight crude oil futures. Signs of slow demand loomed. High prices have begun to affect Chinese fuel oil buyers. Small refineries cannot make profits as before, a Singapore trader said. The price of index 180CST fell by $2.15 to $535.30/ton

today, Shanghai oil increased its position in large quantities. Affected by crude oil, it jumped high and closed negative in the day, with the price rising 42 points at 4427. Crude oil hit a new high yesterday and continued to remain high. Operational advice: maintain yesterday's view, and hold more than one

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