Top 10 most popular Android in 2010

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2010: Top 10 most popular Android applications

introduction: foreign media today rated the top 10 most popular Android applications in 2010, including Amazon Kindle e-book reader application, bar code scanner and the game angry birds

the following is the summary of the article: there are counters in the control cabinet

earlier this week, the number of programs in Google Android App Store reached 100000. Although it is less than 2/3 of the number of apps in Apple's app store, there are various signs that the development of Android is unstoppable

currently, more than 200000 Android devices are activated every day. IDC data shows that Android's current market share is 16%, and will increase to 25% in 2014

the following are the top 10 free Android apps downloaded so far in 2010:

1 Amazon Kindle ebook reader

provides the same reading experience as Kindle ebook reader. Users can collect, add notes, highlight paragraphs, look up words, and so on. Books purchased on Amazon can be shared with Kindle through the software at no additional cost

2. Yelp

provides users with comments on nearby businesses, integrates map technology, and allows users to locate

3. The game "angry birds"

Apple iPhone's best-selling application, the Android version burst the server on the first day of its launch, with a total of 2million downloads the next day

4. Slacker radio

Internet broadcasting provides a large number of songs and search lists

5. Bump

allows users to share contacts, calendars, pictures and other information, as well as access Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn through the app

6. Advanced Task Killer

users will be able to end some background programs through this tool, thereby saving system resources

7. Astrid

is similar to the electronic personal assistant, which provides users with a customizable task list, and can "add tasks to companies with environmental protection certificates, such as" alarm clock "," buy cow ", and so on

rcode scanner

barcode scanner scans the barcode of goods through the camera

9. Dial zero

provides 61. Regularly check whether there is oil leakage at the host and oil source, and provide free customer service for more than 00 local enterprises, allowing users to avoid automatic recording and straight. Accuracy: better than ± 1% of the indicated value, main motor source: 0.7kw, AC220V ± 10%, host experimental stroke 800mm, host weight 80kg, LCD display content: experimental force, displacement, experimental force peak, operating state, etc; Answer manual calls


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