Hottest July 10 building materials trend forecast

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Prediction of the trend of building materials on July 10: the pessimism of merchants eased slightly, and the steel price was adjusted in a stable manner

on July 10, the price of building materials was stable, medium and strong. On July 9, the mainstream price of building materials was stable, rising and falling, and the low price in some regions rose slightly. Among the 51 sample cities, 8 cities rose, accounting for 15.6%. Among the increases, the regions were relatively scattered, mainly reflected in Zhejiang and Anhui; The intangible assets and tangible assets of the high and low temperature experimental box enterprises in the provincial capitals of Shanxi, Jiangxi, Fujian and Inner Mongolia are always complementary to each other and the surrounding cities; About 16 cities fell, accounting for 31.3%, between the decline, while prices in other leading cities were basically stable. The price is expected to be stable and strong today

believes that there are three factors affecting today's steel price trend:

1. On the 9th, Tangshan Steel Billets rose 20 to 3630, and the direct tax payment of steel mills is normal. At present, Tangshan and some steel mills around 147.1 leave the factory with 3630 yuan including tax, and the bare price of merchants is 3290. Yesterday, the billet factory raised the price early to match the period of 3800, driving the downstream billet adjustment manufacturers to take the goods. Although the downstream transaction differentiation is obvious, it can only passively follow up under the cost support, and it is expected that the billet factory will fluctuate in the short term

2. In the night market before the 10th day, the futures snail 10 opened 3850, and the high opening and high walking between the plates, with the highest of 3860 and the lowest of 3837, closing at 3859, up 69, or 1.82%. Spot prices rose and fell steadily. At the beginning of the month, capital pressure was general, businesses were unwilling to exchange too much for quantity at price, plant and warehouse resources continued to decrease, and steel mills' policies supported prices. In the short term, conch will remain strong, and investors can continue to hold more than one order

3. In view of the positive news of both conch billet and conch billet, the market atmosphere of conch has improved, and the overall trading is relatively smooth. Considering comprehensively, the price is expected to be stable and strong today

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