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The legend designer of hearthstone took you to see the transformation of four new mechanical cards of magnetic force

in the early morning of the 18th, the official finally released several new cards, and this time the designer also enthusiastically answered everything about magnetic force. What is the different playing method of the new mechanism magnetic force? What kind of combo can players play with magnetic force? Here is an explanation for you

magnetic force

in the "bang bang plan", Dr. Bang Bang designed a variety of machines with magnetic force! With this new capability, these mechanical attendants have modular functions. They can be assembled with other machines to complete more difficult tasks together

as long as the mechanical card with "magnetic force" is placed on the left side of any other mechanical attendant on the field, you can combine their attribute values and card descriptions compared with traditional modified plastics, and get a giant mechanical attendant in the language of "Lin Ke, President of Beijing Sanju environmental protection new materials Co., Ltd! Want them to split up? That's all right. As long as it is placed on the right side of the mechanical follower (or any non mechanical follower) in the field, they will operate independently and perform more trivial tasks (so as not to be killed by a powerful single player)

all the four cards released last night are mechanical followers, and all the three cards have magnetic mechanism. As a low-cost and scalable robot, it is upgraded over and over again as a basic follower in the game, giving play to the magnetic mechanism, and finally becoming the ultimate machine with Holy Shield, magic immunity, ridicule and blood sucking. The magnetic machine can also be placed on the right and put into the field as a separate follower. This also tests the player's station level

the following is the designer's answer to the questions related to the magnetic mechanism

q. is the magnetic effect regarded as a buff? Does this mean that followers buffed by the magnetic force will lose buff after returning to their hand

a. yes

q. can the effect of magnetic force be silenced like a king's blessing, or become a basic attribute like a zombie beast

a. can be silenced like a king's blessing

q. will we trigger the effect if we put a non magnetic mechanical follower to the right of a mechanical follower with magnetic affixes already on the field

a. the magnetic effect will only be triggered when a magnetic follower is played from a hand and placed to the left of another machine (whether or not the machine has a magnetic force)

so when you hit a non magnetic machine, the effect will not be triggered

ega (omega) series cards require you to have 10 full crystals to trigger, or can you trigger the effect by playing other expensive cards first

ega requires that you have 10 permanent mana crystals, whether empty or full

so you can hit two Omega defenders in a round after 1 but the user sets the test data, and both trigger the effect of additional attack

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